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If you are saying the heater is blowing out cold air you need to change the heater core which is located inside the dash

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โˆ™ 2005-06-01 20:12:41
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Q: Why is your 93 GA GT runs cold and the heater does not work?
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93 Mercedes SE blows cold air when heater is on why?

Check antifreeze level, then thermostat next, heater core last

How do you fix a heater that is blowing cold air on 93 Buick Le Sabre?

start by changing the thermostat

How do you remove heater core on a 93 Chevy Caprice classic?

How to change a heater cord for a 93 chevolete caprice

Is 93 runs 93 hits?


How do you replace a heater core on a 93 olds 98?

how do you replace a heater core in a 91 Oldsmobile 98

Why doesn't my heater work well in my 93 dodge shadow?

i had this problem ( but i might not work for you here is what i found) you have to check the fluid levels in you rad when cooled down you might not have enough coolent.

Where can you find a free diagram to install a 93 Ford F-150 heater hose?

Check out the Google Images and search for '93 Ford F150 heater hose'. you should find it there.

How do you repair the heater core to a '93 Pontiac Grand Am V6?

It is cheaper to replace the heater core than it is repair it

Where can you find the heater core in a stock 93 camaro z28?

The heater core is behind your dash inside of the ventilation ducts.

Rear heat blows cold on a 93 Chevy suburban?

I have the same problem with my 93 Chevy suburban also, and I found that the rear has a separate heater core located behind the rear right wheel well. From what I understand you have to locate it, and test it, and then flush it if the hoses are clogged.

You want to back flush your 93 Ford Escort LX Which is the inlet hose into the heater That's where you need to install the Tee for the flushing kit?

Both of the heater hoses come from the firewall. One runs from the firewall to the water pump, this is the outlet hose. The other hose runs from the firewall to the top of the engine, this is the inlet hose.

93 Chevy pickup and the heater just blows cold air?

check the coolant level first, low coolant will cause no heat, always check all fuses just in case

Whywill a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Motor not shut off?

Because the resistor is shot on my 93 jeep the motor runs on high all the time so I am having to order a resistor which should cure the problem but I would replace the motor also.

Where is the heater control valve on a 93 olds cutlass?

There isn't one for that model.

Where is the block heater on a 93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

You can find the 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass block heater on the right hand side of the engine block. You can follow the block heater cord directly to the block heater.

How do you replace heater core on 93 Yukon?

Drain the water from the cooling system. Remove the heater core hose. Remove the retaining bolts. The heater core will come out. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

How do you change a heater core in a 93 beretta?

Ok in a 93 Beretta the heater core is located behind your stero, best thing to do is to take the entire dash apart unless you like to work in small places. Take the black cover off take the old heater core out and then put the new one is make sure all the clamps are good and tight. A word of advice DONT BUT OREILLY AUTO PARTS! I bout a heater core from them a 1 1/2 ago and it went out on me already again.

Does a fuel cell from a 91 work in a 93?

A 91 what and a 93 what?

Where is a 2005 Saab 93 heater blower fan?

Remove the glove box and its behind that

Air not blowin in 93 Lincoln mark viii?

A/C or Heater? Be more specific.

Why would a 93 Buick LeSabre transmission not engage when the car is cold but work when warmed up?

Most likely, the fluid is low, or the filter is dirty.

Where is the heater core located on a 1999 ford escort se?

On my '93 ford escort 1.9L, it is located under the dash, behind the heater control assembly.

Why will antifreeze be coming out of firewall on 93 lumina 3.1 euro?

you likely have a leaking heater core. Is this on the inside of the vehicle? if so then it defintately is a leaking heater core

Where is the heater control valve in a g-20 Chevy van?

Where is the heater control valve for a 93 Chevy van, G-20, 5.O

What is the heating line called on the back of the intake manifold on my 93 silverado?

It is the heater core hose.