Why is your Brand new rockport soles falling apart?

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because the soles are weak and the shoe is not tailored for them
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Why do the soles of the bear claw boots crumble and fall apart even when not used unlike other name brand boots less expensive my friends as well. can u fix or do i warn others and better bus. bureau.?

I just had a similar experience with a pair of old shoes I dug out of the basement, which left a sticky mess (and the centers of both heels) on the patio. I learned at the end of the day that my father's winter shoes, seldom worn, had recently done the same. Our shoes were from different and reasona ( Full Answer )

What things fall apart in Things Fall Apart?

The "things" that fall apart in the book are really the Ibo way of life, and Okonkwo's life as he knows it. Okonkwo had built himself up to be a self made man, who had aspirations to be a leader in the tribe. In a incident that involves his gun blowing up and fatally wounding another clansman, he is ( Full Answer )

Your Rockport shoes made in China are falling apart purchased December 2007?

Yes, the quality went down considerably when Rockport started manufacturing in China. The XCS boots I have had creased up quickly, had stitching start to fall out and the sole also started to split and come off. Not good for boots that cost £125 and under 6 months of wear.

To what extent can a brand rely solely on advertising to boost its fortunes?

Fortune Brands, Inc., is a widely diversified conglomerate with principal businesses in distilled spirits, home products, hardware, office supplies, and golf equipment. Most of its brands are either number one or number two in their market categories. Fortune's brands include Jim Beam, the world's b ( Full Answer )

Your New apartment is falling apart?

Do you own this apartment? Do you rent ? If you own, talk to the agent and/or the seller or the bank holding the mortgage. This would be determined by where you are and the laws governing purchase of property. If you rent, talk to your landlord about the problems? If you already have, there ma ( Full Answer )

How does Things Fall Apart end?

At the end of Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo kills one of the messengers sent to stop the villagers' meeting. As the other messengers get away, Okonkwo realizes that his village will not fight back. Rather than be imprisoned and executed by the colonialists, he kills himself.

What are the symbols in Things Fall Apart?

Sticks are used a bargaining symbol to represent a bag of cowries. Okonkwo is called the 'Roaring Flame' as he is hot-tempered and violent, but leaves only ash in his wake (his children). The white men are like locusts in that they initially bring new joy and curiousness, but they end up being ( Full Answer )

Who is Enoch in Things Fall Apart?

Enoch was a bold Christian who challenged the tribe on their traditions. His father was the leader of the snake cult, and it was rumored that Enoch killed and ate the python, getting cursed and disowned by his father. Enoch kills an egwugwu, sparking off tensions between the tribe and the Christians ( Full Answer )

Neighbor is a pig siding is falling apart roof shingles inadrquately patched gargbage laying all over now his roof shingles blew off in last weeks storm and your brand new car sustained 6000 damage pl?

This is what building inspectors call "The best day I ever had." Call 'em. They'll probably take you out to dinner for showing them your neighbors house. You may even get a thank you card from your city council when they collect the fines this bumblehead will have to pay for ignoring the building in ( Full Answer )

How did the igbo society fall apart?

-Christianity: The church disproved many of the Igbo superstitions, and implicitly encouraged the Igbo to break traditions. -Settlers: The settlers killed the village of Abame, and attempted to convert the rest, while imposing their power upon the lands. -The Ibo tribe: Their lack of a central s ( Full Answer )

In Things Fall Apart who is Okoye?

Okoye is a man who is getting married at the very beginning of thebook. He is gathering funds for his wedding so he seeks to askUnoka back for the money he has lent him. He serves to highlightthe indebtedness of Unoka, as well as Unoka's attitude towards hisdebt. Unoka told him that someone else get ( Full Answer )

What is the tone in things fall apart?

The tone is mostly understated. Achebe describes regular village life, but describes even heightened events in the tone of an impartial narrator.

What songs are in things fall apart?

"The rain is falling, the sun is shining, Alone Nnadi is cooking and eating." "Who will wrestle for our village? Okafo will wrestle for our village. Has he thrown a hundred men? He has thrown four hundred men. Has he thrown a hundred Cats? He has thrown four hundred Cats. Then send ( Full Answer )

What made things fall apart in Things Fall Apart?

There are many things that fall apart in Things Fall Apart, so they should be taken one at a time. Ikemefuna's life: - Murder of Umuofian Ogbuefi Udo's wife by a Mbanta man in the Mbanta market: Although Ikemefuna was not responsible, he became part of the peace offering toward Umuofia, and was ( Full Answer )

What is the setting of things fall apart?

Things Fall Apart takes place in a series of Igbo villages in Lower Niger during the late 1880's, just before European colonists' arrival. Most of it takes place in the village of Umuofia.

What is the falling action of things fall apart?

The falling action of things fall apart is most likely when okonkwo moves back to his vllage of Umofia after 7 years for accidentally shooting a child after a ritual

Your action replay is falling apart what do you do?

Well there is a few things you could do: Depending on where or how you got it, if it has a warranty you could return it OR you could go to a computer repair shop (they usually can help.) OR depending on how its broken duck tape might work.

How do I fix a relationship that is falling apart?

tell him/her you love him/her and ask for forgiveness or bring gifts or get him/her somewhere to talk it out and leave it behind you and live happily ever after(: (: (: (: Talk about the relationship and work at the relationship. Firstly, both people have to decide if the relationship is worth sa ( Full Answer )

What must be maintained or it will fall apart?

Love, if you dont take care of it then it will fall apart and not work out. Just think of it as an animal , if you dont feed it and bathe it it will soon die, slowly just like love so to whom ever read this just think to your self am i letting my love deplete and die??

Who is Obierika in things fall apart?

Obierika is Okonkwo's best friend in Umuofia. He is an average villager who is successful and has good sons. His son Okafo is a champion wrestler.

Who is Nwoye in things fall apart?

Nwoye is Okonkwo's son from his first wife. Nwoye is Okonkwo's eldest son. Unfortunately, he is not manly like his father, but more effeminate like his grandfather Unoka.

Who is Ezeudu from things fall apart?

Ezeudu is an old and respected clansman in Umuofia. He has several titles and many children. He is noted for his warning to Okonkwo to not kill Ikemefuna. Later, he dies of old age, and a great funeral is held for him.

How do things fall apart in Things fall apart?

Because Okonkwo is afraid of being like his father, he refuses to show emotions and change his views when the white men take over. When he murders one of the kotma (kinsmen who have joined forces with the white men) he realizes all hope for rebellion is lost and that in the end he failed. So he hang ( Full Answer )

What is chi in things fall apart?

Chi is a personal god. It is a lesser god that guides the actions of each man in accordance with the will of the gods.

Why doesn't a bowl fall apart?

Sometimes it does if it is brittle enough. If you have a clay bowl, and you let the sun over dry it, it will fall apart.

What is the motif of Things Fall Apart?

Okonkwo's fear of becoming unsuccessful, or being seen as lazy and a coward like his father. I just happened to talk about this in class today (:

Who are the missionaries in things fall apart?

The Missionaries are just that: Missionaries sent as a friendly party to convert the native inhabitants to Christianity. Some of them could include Mr. Brown, Reverend James Smith, or Nwoye (Isaac).

Why was the new yam festival important in the novel things fall apart?

The Feast of the New Yam can be described as a way of praising the earth goddess and the clan's ancestral spirits before harvest began. It was traditional to not allow anyone to consume the new yams until this was complete and was further described as Achebe suggests, "Men and women, young and old, ( Full Answer )

Can a volcano fall apart?

Yes. Volcanoes do fall apart and crumble, but this generally makes something called a caldera look it up

Why does everything you touch fall apart?

Physics: The subatomic particles that you possess interact with other subatomic particles, causing substances to break apart with new ones forming as a result. Psychology/Human Behaviour: It because you are looking for the things that fall apart. To be honest, not everything you touch falls apart, ( Full Answer )

What is an oracle in things fall apart?

An oracle is a goddess that allows men to consult their ancestors or the gods through their representative, the priestess of the Oracle.

How does the political environment fall apart in Things Fall Apart?

The political environment falls apart in several ways. First the Christians take away the lowest class, or the osu, and other outcasts. Secondly, an aggressive conflicting system is introduced, which forces people to either switch to the new system or suffer as a result. Schools, courts, and so ( Full Answer )

What is a uri in things fall apart?

A Uri is a ceremonial celebration for a woman on the day that her suitor would bring palm-wine to her kinsmen before being married.

What brands make sole f80 treadmills?

There are a number of different Brand of F80 Treadmills, What you purchase will depend on how much you want to spend. They can range in price up into the $1500 dollar range.

How does the coming of the new religion threaten the survival of the clan in things fall apart?

He new religion, Christianity, abolished slavetrade and slavery, human sacrifices and twin killing, introducededucation, built hospitals and charity homes. They destroyed somelevel of superstition, increased human knowledge that brought aboutimproved human welfare. Igbo traditional religion was inca ( Full Answer )

How much does a Sole F83 treadmill cost brand new?

Depending on the seller, a Sole F83 treadmill would cost somewhere in the region of $2000 (US dollars). However it may be possible to find a new model that is being featured in a sale at a reduced price.