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Q: Why is your adobe flash player not working?
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Where can you get macromedia flash?

See the answer for Where can you download Adobe Flash Player Macromedia flash player is EXACTLY THE SAME PROGRAM as Adobe flash player Adobe flash player = Macromedia flash player Macromedia flash player - Adobe flash player Repeating: Adobe flash player = Macromedia flash player Macromedia flash player - Adobe flash player

Are the Adobe flash player and shockwave player the same thing?

No, Adobe Flash player and Adobe Shockwave player are completely different programs. Adobe Flash player is for playing content made with Adobe Flash. Adobe Shockwave player is for playing content made with Adobe Director.

When was Adobe Flash Player created?

Adobe Flash Player was created in 1996.

How do you get Adobe flash player on your PS3?

Adobe Flash Player is included in firmware version 2.50 and later. how to downlaod adobe flash player on ps3

Where can you download Adobe Flash Player?

You can download adobe flash player from the link below

How do you get Adobe Flash Player on the iPad?

i donot know get a adobe flash player on the ipad

Is there any flash player besides Adobe?

It is called "Adobe Flash Player", so no.

Where can you install Adobe Flash Player from?

Adobe's web site. You can do an internet search for "adobe flash player download"

Why isn't my adobe flash player working when i used it thismorning?

take it miquel sparks

How do you get flash player on your mac?

Adobe's Flash Player can be downloaded from the Adobe Flash Player download page (See links below).

How much is adobe flasher 10?

Adobe Flash Player is absolutely free. You can get it in the Adobe website for free. It is the latest Adobe Flash Player.

How much does Adobe Flash player cost?

Adobe Flash Player is available free of charge.

Why can you not download penguin storm?

you need adobe flash player any adobe flash player do you have it

Why can't you get the Adobe flash player on the iPad?

Apple doesn't like Adobe Flash Player.

Where can one download the Macromedia Flash Player?

The Macromedia Flash player is the same as the Adobe flash player. The download for the flash player can be located on the Adobe website or the macromedia site.

What Kids games that don't need adobe flash player?

Try downloading adobe flash player

When Will apple get adobe flash player for iPad?

It is unlikely that Adobe's Flash Player will ever be used on the iPad.

Do you download Adobe flash player and Java flash player on your computer?

You can download Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave and Java VM for free onto your computer from the manufacturer's (Adobe and Sun, respectively) website.

How do you add Adobe Flash Player to your website?

you don't add adobe flash player to a website. if you have a company you could but if you don't then you can't add adobe flash player to your website thank you

How can you download adobe flash player to iPhone 3gs?

Adobe Flash is not currently supported on the iPhone, so it is not currently possible to download the Adobe Flash player to the iPhone.

Difference between Adobe Flash Player and adobe reader?

Adobe Flash Player is used to play Flash videos. Such as the ones on YouTube. Adobe Reader opens and reads PDF files.

What do you do if your Adobe Flash Player was installed but is still not working?

I had the same problem. Here's what I did: 1. Clear all your history. 2. Uninstall Adobe Flash Player. 3. Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. 4. Restart your computer. Hope this helped :) I read it off of wiki.answers somewhere...

How can you go about getting the newest verison of the Adobe Flash Player?

You can download the newest version of Adobe Flash Player on the Adobe Flash Player website which can be found in the related links section below.

Do you need Macromedia Flash player to download Adobe Flash player?


Is downloading Adobe Flash Player free?

yes. all forms of adobe flash player are free.