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maybe his not ready for commitmen He may be unsure of his feelings towards you. He may be eyeing someone else..

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 16:11:34
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Q: Why is your boyfriend on and off all the time?
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How long should you give your boyfriend to cool off?

no time at all

What do you do when your boyfriend thinks all about him and talks about himself all the time?

He sounds like he has the potential to be an ex-boyfriend.

Why does my ex boyfriend call me all the time?

he cannot forget you so he calls you all the time

Is Logan Henderson off of big time rush engaged to Anna.M?

No, be he is the boyfriend to her.

Is it love when you think about your boyfriend all the time?

my boyf

What is zayns favorite song of all time?


How do you make your ex boyfriend crawl back?

take all your clothes off at him

What color is Jake taustins underwear?

It is white from all the jackng off he does with his boyfriend

How do you get your boyfriend to think about you all the time?

Do something he will never forget.

If you have a Boyfriend and his ex girlfriend be all on him and he don't do nothing about the situation what should you do about him and her?

ask your boyfriend to tell her to back off while he's going out with you and confront her your self with your boyfriend and talk about it.

What does it mean when your boyfriend tickles you?

It means he loves to play with you and see you smile and hear you laugh. My boyfriend does that to me all the time. :)

How can you take your mind off of your boyfriend?

Go have fun and if you still think about him go spend time with him.

Did Rachel Joy Scott have a Boyfriend?

yes she did but they broke it off some time before her death

How do you know if boyfriend is planning on marrying you?

he says he loves you all the time

What to do when your boyfriend is talking to his ex?

you tell her to back off get mad at your boyfriend so he will back off

What is the right time to have a boyfriend?

If you feel you are ready to have a boyfriend than your probably right. But never forget not all realtionships are forever

You and your boyfriend argue all the time and now you dont no what to do ne more?

Me And My Boyfriend Always Fight ,?? What Should we Do----and my vagina stinks what do i do about that.?

Why does your boyfriend sing to you?

because he loves you and that is his way of showing it and showing off his epic pipes at the same time :)

Why is my boyfriend avoiding me?

Did you do something to bother him? Perhaps give him some time to cool off and then ask him what is wrong.

What should you do if your boyfriend licks your teeth all the time?

If you don't like it, ask him to stop. If he's a good boyfriend, he will honor your wishes.

Where do they realese my boyfriend at after served time in men central jail?

I am not sure where they will release your boyfriend at after getting out of jail. This all depends on where he is located.

What does it mean when you dream about your Ex boyfriend all the time?

that you love him, or you want to get back with him

What does it mean if your boyfriend cheats on you all the time?

It means he doesn't really care about you

How can I get my boyfriend of 8 years to stop lying to me all the time?

Buy a gun

How do you make a girl get over her ex boyfriend?

Do something fun with her to get her mind off of him.