Why is your dog not eating vomiting and listless?

Number one...get your dog to a veterinarian or emergency clinic as soon as possible. A dog that is not eating and vomiting can become severely dehydrated and go into physiological shock. The longer it takes to have the dog checked and treated, the more likely that the situation will become more serious and difficult (as well as extremely expensive) to treat.

There are so many conditions that can cause these type of symptoms including infections (bacterial/viral/fungal/parasitic), foreign bodies (eating something that has caused blockage in the gastrointestinal tract), gastrointestinal upset (inflammatory bowel disease, toxicosis, pancreatitis, dietary allergy), gastric or intestinal torsion (twisting), metabolic diseases (diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease/failure, Addison's disease), cancer, and so many other causes.

It can be seen from the listing above that there are a multitude of causes for those symptoms and the treatments vary, so a swift and proper diagnosis is essential to resolve the condition.