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It is what they do. Why do flies fly? That is what you would expect them to do. They are very self centered. That is why you don't get involved with people like that.

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Q: Why is your ex narcissist partner telling lies about you?
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Can a narcissist be manipulated into turning on his friends so they will see the truth about him and he will stop telling lies about his ex to everyone and he will stab them in the back also?


Why is the narcissist telling people that his ex want to come back?

Narcissist refers to a person having overestimation of his or her own appearance and abilities and has an excessive need for admiration. So if he or she is telling people that his or her ex wants to come back, it has two reasons: he or she is telling the truth OR he or she just wants other people turn their attention to him or her.

Your Narcissist ex has been in her new relationship five months and it appears to be going well and I do not understand why when our relationship failed after six months due to her lies and cheating?

Your Narcissistic ex hasn't reached the six months yet and depending on their partners personality it may take longer for that partner to have had enough of your ex and walk away or, the other partner could be a Narcissist themselves. Consider yourself lucky that you are no longer with your ex and do not mentally allow the fact your relationship only lasted five months would be a failure on your part. Consider the fact you have learned one thing from your ex .... you know what you do not want in a partner!

Why does your ex narcissist partner drop his head and willl not make eye contact when you try to talk to him?

Because he knows he has "Decieved" you.

Why does a narcissist keep another women a secret from ex partner?

Narcissists need to keep their various relationships and acquaintances separate from each other so that the various groups or individuals cannot get together and"compare" notes since the life of a narcissist is based on lies, illusions and delusions. This is essential to the narcissist because they lie so much about everything and because they create false "realities" in order to impress others.

What do you do when your narcissist ex does come around?

Ignore him

Will a narcissist contact you after a break up?

Yes, sometimes a narcissist will contact their ex after a break up because the narcissist cannot imagine their ex with anyone else as the narcissist has a complex of being the greatest at everything including relationships and is ego maniacal.

How do you deal with your narcissist ex cheating on you with a girl that work with him?

You are saying narcissist ex. If he is your ex he is not cheating on you and why would you care if he is your ex. Forget about this and move on with your life. If you think that this is cheating on you - better think again and also know that this will go on and on.

How to win back your ex narcissist?

To win back your ex narcissist. Go and talk to her about it. Resolve the issues and win her back.

In Firefly what is the name of Jayne's ex-partner?

Jayne's ex-partner is Stitch Hessian.

What if an ex husband has his children removed from the ex wife on telling lies to the lawyer and judge?

You can not prove he is telling lies unless you absolutely know he is. It is obviously illegal because in the beginning of a court case both parties take a oath to tell the truth. If he is proven that he was lying he could be tried for an arrest and the kids could be taken away from him.

Why does an ex-narcissist compete for attention from their ex in terms of trying to act as if their life is interesting and successful?

This is because there is a difference in awareness between them, the one who tries to compete with the successful enjoyer is less aware

How do you know if your partner is over their ex?

if he/she talks about his/ex only. if they don't love your talks. if they don't bother you then your partner is over your ex.

How do you threaten an ex boyfriend telling lies about you?

I assume you are female in which case I recommend you ask him to come back to you and while having sex with him bite his cock.

How do you deal with a narcissist ex wife?

Two word for dealing with her -- NO CONTACT!

Will you get over your ex who is a narcissist?

Most people go through the heartache of losing someone they love whether they are a narcissist or not. Considering your ex is a narcissist you will begin to realize how lucky you were getting away from your ex. There is someone very special out there for you and fate has a way of forcing us down different roads of life to get something better in our lives. Hang on!

How do you trust your partner after being lied to?

They LIED, You can not trust your EX-partner.

What do you do when he lies about calling his ex?

Make sure he never lies again!

Should you attend an event where your abusive psychopath narcissist ex will be?

Only if you are masochistic.

Can I sue my ex for telling me he was single when he was not?


How do you repair a relationship that's broken down because your ex as been telling lies about you?

If that person is relly into you, he should trust you if you tell him the truth. Try it and see your results.

Can ex make you a narcissist?

You can become narcissistic afterwards, but you will not turn into a true narcissist. Stay away from him and go back to your family and hang around them for a while.

Is it cheating when you tell someone whom you have had a relationship with you love them when currently they have a significant other?

Is it technically cheating? No. But it is a gray area in that you're hoping to establish a relationship with this person, either through an affair or them leaving their current partner to be with you. It doesn't hurt to look at it from the viewpoint of your ex's current significant other. How would feel about an ex of your partner declaring love for them when they fully are aware that your partner is with you? Be aware that telling them that you still love them does not mean they will leave their current partner for you. By presenting them with your feelings now, you are putting yourself (from your ex's perspective) to be available to them regardless if your ex is in a relationship or not. Is this what you want?

What if your narcissist ex wants to join seminary Should you expose him?

Yes but do so anonymously.

Why does your ex narcissist ignore your texts?

he prolly has sum1 new he's responding to these days