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the sun does certainly wreck ink, as does swimming in water containing chlorine, sunbeds are a no no too, white coloured creams make ur black tattoos go a rather yukky shade of bluey green too, and picking would also give the patchy look, so no picking!

Answersometimes your skin just doesnt take the ink as well ask other peoples. but if the tattoo is fresh, u might just need some touch up ink. make it look good. AnswerYes. if it keeps going downhill, go back a get a touchup, use the a&d ointment as much as directed and keep that thing way out of the sun. Put women's facial cream on it to hide it completely. The sun absolutely destroys ink. AnswerIf it is new, you need to make sure you don't expose it to too much sun without protection. Sun can fade the ink without proper care. Also make sure to use A&D Ointment and follow any instructions given by your artist. And since it is fading, it may be best to check with your artist about a touch up once the tattoo heals up enough to touch up the color.
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Q: Why is your new tattoo losing its color and has light patches?
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