Why is your power strip light flickering?

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Most power strips have a small neon lamp that indicate power is on. These small lams will start to flicker near the end of the lamp life--much the same way a flourecent light flickers near the end of life. The power strip is still usable, but with flickering or no power-on indication.

However, there are those power strips that use LED lamps which have a longer life expectancy and will not flicker at end of life.
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Why do your lights flicker?

If you are referring to your home it is due to spkies and surges in the electrical service or a loose connection in your service...if you are referring to a car it is due to a

Why do Headlights flicker and dash lights and battery light flicker and loose power steering whilst driving a vauxhall astra?

you have a loose connection somewhere on your vehicle check battery cables and alternator connections i have the same problem i found out what it is by the brake and gas pedal

What does a ground fault indicator light on a power strip indicate?

Answer . If it is no longer giving power, it probably means that the GFI feature has tripped,. or. If you are still getting power, it could just be a pilot light indicat

Why do lights flicker on Cadillac sts?

Flickering lights, on a Cadillac STS, is usually a sign of a loosewire. When all of the lights flicker, it is an indication of aloose battery ground cable.

Why do Trailblazer dash lights flicker?

there is a plug in the fuse box under the back seat about 3 inches wide if you unplug it and plug it back in and make sure that the tall steel fuses are pluged in tight the li

Why do flouresant lights flicker and seem to lose power when other appliances turn on or just dont want to power up themselves?

What you are seeing is voltage drop. This condition happens when there are too many appliances connected to one circuit. This is one of the reason that code requires separate

Why utilitech fluorescent light flickering?

If this is a dusk-to-dawn security light, the flickering could be caused by ambient or reflected light striking the cds mounted behind a small lens on the (side of most) cabin
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Why do the lights flicker?

Your lights may flicker because they power is really low. It isvery common for them to flicker when there is a storm out.
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What can cause oil light to flicker?

could be a couple things. the oil sender unit could be bad or you could just be a little low on oil.