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School principals come into their teacher's classrooms often. The reason for this is so that the principal can evaluate the teacher's teaching ability and classroom management skills.

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How do you uphold child rights in a classroom?

Via the school's principal.

How do you use expanded in a sentence?

the principal plans to expand our classroom froM;? to;people

How do you write application to principal for repairing all things in the class room?

You type a letter to the principal asking him to repair what needs to be fixed in the classroom.

What is good sentence for ruin?

As the boy made a ruin across the neatly classroom the teacher went and got the principal.

Does compounding always reduce the principal?


What is a homonym for the word size?

When the principal announced that recess is cancelled due to rain, sighs could be heard in every classroom.

Can technology takes place of the teacher in the classroom?

No - simply because, in a classroom there is always a need for discipline. No machine is capable of administering discipline.

How is an electrons principal quatum number symbolized?

The principal quantum number of electrons has the symbol n.This number is always an integer.

Is assistant principal always capitalized?

Mainly it depends on how you use it, but most of the time it isn't, if you're just talking about 'the assistant principal.' If it's specifically Assistant Principal Johnson or whoever, then you would.

Is principal an adjective?

It can be, when it means "primary, chief, or first in importance" (principal character, principal consideration). It can also be a noun (a schoolmaster, partner, or an initial value of an investment or loan). * the homophone, principle, is always a noun

Principle or principal of a school?

Principal. This word means the first or most important, from Latin "princeps". The principal is the first or most important member of the school staff, and the one who is in charge. Unless you are talking about the head of a school, it is used as an adjective, not a noun. "The principal reason I called this meeting was to discuss your slipping sales figures." Principle means a rule or law, usually a higher level law. The word is always a noun. "The basic principle on which the siphon works is gravity." "I always adhere to the principle that the customer is always right."

Is classroom an adverb?

No, the word classroom is not an adverb.The word classroom is a noun.

What two things does a neutralization reaction always produce?

A neutralization reaction in aqueous medium always give a salt and water as two principal products.

What is an e-classroom?

An e-classroom is one that is offered virtually. Students don't have to go to a physical classroom to get their education.

What is a classroom thermometer?

A "classroom thermometer" is a thermometer assigned to be kept in a specific classroom.

What is classroom etiquette?

Classroom etiquette are rules that apply to a classroom that a teacher gives.

What is a cone shape in your classroom?

what is a cone shape in your classroom what is a spheres shape in your classroom

What is the principal square root of a positive real number is always sometimes or never a negative?

never a negative

What is the synonym for classroom?

classroom, schoolroom

How big is classroom size?

Depends what the classroom is being used for. Every classroom is different

Is classroom a prouper noun?

No, the noun classroom is a common noun; a word for any classroom.

Should you capitalize assistant principal?

If you are using it as a title followed by the name, yes, but otherwise no.I heard the man who fell from the roof was once an assistant principal for a high school out west.Assistant Principal Surname yelled at us and gave us detention.My teacher married Assistant Principal Surname.

Duties of an agent to his principal?

An agent owes fiduciary duties of loyalty, good faith, and fair dealing. An agent has to always prioritize the best interests of the principal, and must never act beyond his/her authority.

What is the definition of electronic classroom?

E classroom

What is classroom in Spanish?

'Classroom' is 'aula' in Spanish.