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Q: Why isn't it possible for ins co's to create a program similar program to Medicare using reduced rates of payments and fees?
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What specific benefits are reduced or limited on Medicare as a result of the Affordable Care Act?

The PPACA makes signficant changes to Medicaid (the program for the poor), but mostly administrative changes to Medicare (the program for the elderly). Medicare is a separately administered program from most of the PPACA system, and the only really significant changes to Medicare that were included in were administrative (covering the method of payments, and amounts), and the eventual elimination of the Part D "donut hole" coverage problem. See the link below for a summary list of all the changes that the PPACA made to Medicare. Note that almost none concern available services/benefits.

Is Medicare broke?

Medicare is not broke; however, it will run out of money in the foreseeable future unless revenue is increased and/or expenses are reduced.

Can child support payments be reduced due to unemployment?

yes see links below

Should friction be reduced if possible?

no not really

Identify the travel card policy that will enable him to make monthly payments?

Reduced payment plan

Can 129 over 679 be reduced?

Nope. 129 over 679 is reduced as much as possible.

Are unemployment benefits reduced by Social Security payments in Texas?

No. They are different programs and do not affect each other.

What is a fully reduced fractions?

A fully reduced fraction is the one which is reduced to the lowest terms by finding an equivalent fraction in which the numerator and denominator are as small as possible.

How do you turn 26 into a Reduced Fraction?

You cannot turn whole numbers into reduced fractions. Whole numbers are as reduced as possible. The fraction is 26/1

What does medicare supplemental insurance cost because I will be 66 in two years and am planning retirement costs?

Medicare takes the B part of your Soc Sec = 2008 it is about $95 per month. Your Soc Sec check will be reduced by that amount.

What are the features of a Structured Annuity?

Some features of a structured annuity include: periodic payments instead of lump sum payments, reduced legal fees and court costs, and higher interest rates.

How can you get your car payments reduced?

Call your financial institution you have the loan with and see if they will allow you to refinance your loan. Depending on your history with on time payments and credit score will help determine your rate change if any.

What is sampling with replacement and why is it not used?

It is used. However, it can result in the same unit being observed again. That reduced the range of possible outcomes.It is used. However, it can result in the same unit being observed again. That reduced the range of possible outcomes.It is used. However, it can result in the same unit being observed again. That reduced the range of possible outcomes.It is used. However, it can result in the same unit being observed again. That reduced the range of possible outcomes.

What following forces is commonly reduced through the use of a loyalty program?

buyers power

How can enegery loss be reduced?

energy is never lost or reduced. energy can only be transferred. this can be possible by fiction or an outside force acting upon it.

How can you get child support reduced?

... is possible on a showing that the obligor's income has changed substantially.

What is the reduced fraction for 87 2?

87/2 is the simplest fraction possible.

What is one possible consequence of hypervitaminosis of vitamin A?

One possible consequence of Hypervitaminosis A is reduced bone density that can lead to osteoporosis.

What is a sentence for the word incentive?

Shelly has no incentive to exercise during summer break. Incentive payments were made to farmers who reduced their use of irrigation.

Which travel card policy will enable you to make monthly payments to the GTCC vendor and thus avoid salary deduction?

Reduced Payment Plan

What is eight over fifteen reduced to?

8/15 cannot be reduced further as a fraction. The only simplification possible is equating it to a decimal, which would be 0.533333.....

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Mild diarrhoea whereby the dosage should be reduced.

Describe the significance of and possible uses for reduced fat foods?

read the book nimrod

How do you compute the side of an angle?

It is not possible. The side of an angle can be extended without limit - or reduced.

What was the goal of the Woodrow wilsons new freedom program?

The goal of the Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom program was to spearhead reforms and fight for reduced tariff rates.