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As you breath in oxygen your body exchanges it for carbon dioxide which is the air you breath out. As you and all other oxygen breathing animals do that, the earths plants to the opposite they breath carbon dioxide and release oxygen. That is why it is important to protect the worlds plants. We need each other.

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Q: Why isn't the oxygen in the earths atmosphere is not used up by the breathing of humans and other animals?
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How is carbon extracted form the atmosphere?

by animals and humans breathing out

Why isn't the oxygen in the earths atmosphere used up by the breathing of humans and other animals?

It is constantly being replenished by plants, from the giant 100mtr trees to the tiny algae. These plants convert, by photo-synthesis, the carbon-dioxide breathed out by animals back into oxygen in the atmosphere.

What impact does earths atmosphere have on humans?


Why are meteor showers not harmful to humans?

They burn high in the earths atmosphere.

Why the quality of air in the earths atmosphere largely depends on human activities?

The quality of air depends upon humans. What humans do will reflect in the atmosphere.

How do humans effect earths natural cycles?

with co2 and gassed rissing into the atmosphere

How do animals add carbon to the atmosphere?

Just like humans do they breathe it out. They then remove carbon when they eat. This is part of the natural carbon cycle, and does not add extra CO2 to the atmosphere.

What percentage of all of earths water is in a form that is useable to humans and land animals?

3 percent is useable to humans and land animals

Are animals counted as people?

Actually, humans are counted as animals, humans aren't the main living things on earth. Humans are mammals, just like the other breathing, furry, animals out there.

Which of the atmosphere's gases is most importsnt to humans and animals?


What greenhouse gas produced by humans activities has dramatically increased in earths atmosphere?

CO2; Carbon Dioxide

What of these does not produce carbon dioxide animals breathing humans breathing plants using light or burning fossil fuels?