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Q: Why isolators are not opened on load?
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What is difference bitween air break switch and load break switch?

Both are types of isolators of a power circuit. Load break switch is an isolator where circuit can be isolated on load. The quenching media could be air, oil or gas..... Air break switch is type isolator where isolation takes place in the air itself. (break contacts are not immersed in oil, gas ...) But whether these isolators can be opened on load or not can be said only by looking at the desgin data. Some isolators are designed to open and close on load.

Why isolators can be operated only under noload?

It is because that Isolators does not have any arc quenching medium with it, Whenever you make or break any contacts on load it produces arc which is to be quenched or it may harm man & material. Therefore it is not advisable to operate Isolators at on load condition.

What are the types of isolator?

there are two types mainly... off load and on load on load isolators are those which can break the circuit when the supply is still there. off load breakers cannont do that. the can only operate when there is no supply.

What is the function of isolator in the substation?

An isolator is a non load-breaking switch, and is provides a visible means of isolating a component, such as a circuit breaker, transformer, etc., from the high-voltage lines, whenever it is necessary to perform maintenance of that component. Normally, isolators come in pairs, with one on each side of the component to be isolated. Isolators are only opened afterthe load current has been broken using a circuit breaker, and must be closed before the circuit breaker is reclosed.To work on, say, a h.v. circuit breaker, the breaker must be tripped, the isolators on either side must be opened and locked off, temporary earths attached to either side of the circuit breake- to-work card, detailing the maintenance work, must be issued to the crew by the supervising engineer.

What is the difference between a fused isolator and a circuit breaker?

Isolators are non-load breaking devices -in other words, they are not designed to break or make (close onto) load currents. They are normally opened after the circuit has been disconnected by a load-breaking device, such as a circuit breaker, and closed before the circuit is re-energised. Circuit breakers, on the other hand, are designed not only to make/break load currents, but also to make/break fault currents.

What is the difference between an isolator switch and miniature circuit breaker?

An isolator is just a disconnector ; it disconnects the load from the supply. The method of operating the isolator can be through a handle or through a spring or through a motor. Isolators can be on-load isolators , which can be switched off on load , or they can be off-load isolators which should not be switched off on load. A Miniature Circuit Breaker can break or open in the event of a fault. Thus its load carrying capacity is extremely high , up to 10 kiloamperes or more. What this means is that if a short circuit current to the tune of 10 kA flows through an isolator , it will melt the isolator contacts , and the damage can be irrepairable. When the same current flows through an MCB , the breaker will trip , without suffering any permanent damage. Thus an MCB is a protective device.

How do you make an isolator as a circuit breaker?

You cannot use an isolator as a circuit breaker, as they are designed to do two different jobs. A circuit breaker is a protective device designed to interrupt an overcurrent, which can be substantially larger than a circuit's rated current. An isolator, on the other hand, is designed (as its name implies) a part of a circuit from an energised source so that maintenance can be performed on that part. Isolators are generally not designed to disconnect an energised circuit and have no mechanism for interrupting a fault current. Some isolators are designed to interrupt normal load currents but certainly not fault currents. Generally, isolators are opened after a circuit has been disconnected using a circuit breaker and must be closed before the circuit breaker is reclosed.

How do isolators help in reducing earthquake damages in buildings?

We find that isolators that are incorporated into structures allow that building to move independently of the ground. This construction strategy permits the energy of the quake to be damped by the isolators, and this reduces the damage done to the structure.

What are the difference MCB and CB?

The main difference between MCB, RCCB, and Isolators Isolators are generally used in power system while on the other hand, MCB is the circuit breaker. Isolators are manually-operated device, and on the contrary, the circuit breaker is the automatically-operated device.

What is the purpose of vibration isolators?

The purpose of vibration isolators is to seperate or isolate an object. Most likely, one would use this object to isolate items such as a piece of equipment.

What are conductors and isolators?

Conductors are devices that conducts or transmit heat, electricity, or sound. (An example would be a lightning rod.)Isolators are devices that detect short circuits and isolates them.

Difference between on load and off load isolator?

In electrical system load means circuit carrying current . Isolator is device which make on ( Connect ) and off ( Disconnect ) of circuit from supply. When load is ON means carrying current and required to disconnect from supply , than is called on load isolation.Here required on load isolator. When load is OFF means not carrying current and required to disconnect from supply , than is called off load isolation.Here required off load isolator. On load isolators design is more precise than off load isolator because while isolating load during ON states create heavy sparking and transient voltage spikes.

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