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Why it is called uplink and downlink?

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Uplink translates also to Upload - where you send data to another destination. Like when you want your data to be acessed by any other person you upload that thing and data rate of uploading is called as uploading speed.

Downlink translates to Download - where you receive data from another destination. meant that when you want to acess any data from any source and data transfer rate from downlink is also known as downloading speed

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What is uplink and downlink?

Uplink and downlink are frequencies Communication from earth station to satellite in uplink and communication from satellite to earth station is downlink Always uplink freq.>downlink freq.

Uplink and downlink frequency for DCS1800?

uplink frequency-1710-1785MHz downlink frequency-1805-1880

What is the Uplink and downlink frequency for GSM900?

Uplink --> 890 MHz - 915 MHz Downlink --> 935 MHz - 960 MHz

What is an uplink an downlink in mobile coommunication?

Uplink is from MS to BS Downlink is from BS to MS P.S: BS=Base Station, MS=Mobile Station e.g cell phone

What is the uplink and downlink frequency in 2100 band?

1920 to 2170

What is uplink frequency?

Uplink frequency is a frequency that goes from the ground to the satellite. Downlink frequency goes from the satellite to the ground.

Why must a satellite have distinct uplink and downlink frequencies?

To avoid interference

Why downlink is greter than uplink?

The downlink is greater than the uplink on most internet connects due to overall demand for bandwidth. Downloading takes up a majority of internet usage and connections are optimized for it.

What is gsm uplink?

Hi, For every GSM band there are Uplink and downlink frequencies. Example: GSM 900 TX: 880 MHz to 915 MHz is an uplink frequency range GSM 900 RX: 925 MHz to 960 MHz is a downlink frequency range Aloha, Maverick

What is the radio frequency numbers for the ISS station?

Worldwide downlink for voice - 145.80Worldwide packet uplink/downlink - 145.825Region 1 voice uplink - 145.20Region 2 and 3 voice uplink - 144.49Worldwide uplink for cross band voice repeater - 437.80Worldwide SSTV downlink - 145.800For more information, visit the NASA ISS Amateur Radio page at

Why must satellite have distinct uplink and downlink frequancy?

Before describing the solution of above query let firstly define uplink and downlink frequencies Uplink frequency: In satellite telecommunications terminology, uplink means the signal sent from Earth to the satellite. Downlink frequency: In satellite telecommunications terminology downlink means the signal from the satellite to earth. And now what about the frequencies Why kept different?? The main reason for keeping these frequencies apart is to avoid interference between the upcoming and outgoing signals since they received and sent from a single body that is our satellite.

What is the CDMA frequency in India?

For CDMA in India, the frequencies are: 824 - 844 MHz for the uplink (handset to base station) 869 - 889 MHz for the downlink (base station to handset) 20 MHz band for uplink & downlink. carrier freq. is 1.25MHz

Why uplink frequency is greater than downlink frequency can you provide me these details with technical data?


Who is slower satellite uplinks or downlinks?

downlink becouse frequncy / power low compare to uplink

Uplink and downlink frequency?

These are frequencies used for satellite communications. Usually in the Gigahertz bands. Uplink is on a differenct channel to downlink, to avoid interferece. The Uplink, is the signal sent to the satellite, via a dish antenna, which focuses the signal in the direction of the satellite. On board the satellite, this signal is changed and re-transmitted, on a different frequency (Downlink), and beamed back to earth. This way huge distances can be covered on earth, despite the curvature and with minimal power.

What is the uplink and downlink frequency in CDMA?

In the CDMA technology It is either between your Handset and the Mobile Station. The dedicated frequency are allocated for u sending your data to the mobile station (Uplink freuency) and a dedicated frequency is reserved for you to receive your data from the mobile station (Downlink frequency)

Why uplink freq is greater than downlink freq?

Uplink freq is greater than the downlink frequency in satellite communication because the power requirement is less with higher freq than the low.And it is easier to fullfil higher power requirement at the earth station than at satellite.

Why wouldn't a satcom radio receive its own uplink on the downlink?

Most two-way radios are 'duplex' transceivers. This means they transmit (uplink)on one frequency and receive (downlink) on another- spaced at least 13 MHz apart. This stops interference between the radio's components.

What is upink frequecy in GSM?

It varies - according to which system is in use. The related link to Wikipedia lists the uplink & downlink frequencies.

How satellite communication is different from communication relay?

For communication satellites the range is much higher than that of communication relay. Communication Satellite can cover up to several thousands of kilometers. For communication relay, the uplink and the downlink frequency is the same. But for communication satellites the uplink and the downlink frequencies are different in order to avoid interference.

Why does GSM use separate channels for Uplink and Downlink?

So that they can both be used at the same time (i.e. full duplex) without interference.

Why is downlink frequency more than uplink?

It is because a mobile is operated on a battery with low power and therefore it sends signals on low(uplink) frequencies whereas a base station is driven by high power and can easily send signals on high(downlink) frequencies. This can be verified by Friis equation which says Transmitted power and Transmitted frequency are directly proportional.

Why is GSM uplink frequency lower than downlink?

Since path loss is directly propotional to frequency so the Mobile station transmits at lower frequencies in the uplink channel in order to conserve battery power. BTS downlink signal can however afford to experience path loss and still provide good enough transmission to the receiver(mobile station).

What is uplink of digital subscriber line?

In digital subscriber line (DSL) technology there are two important terms calleduplink and downlink.Up link - Called the capacity of upload in the internet (Data) connection. Basically called upload speed.downlink - Called the capacity of down link in the internet (Data) connection. Basically called download speed.For more information, see the link.Telecommunication StuffThis blog provides many articles related to telecommunication, data communication and engineering. And all articles provide well informative knowledge to any kind of person

Why different rates of uplink and downlink?

A: It identify direction of data flow. Like uploading meaning sending data out or downloading meaning receiving data to.

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