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Q: Why it is importat to express the opinion in demcratic society?
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In ode 1 what opinion does the chorus express about the importance of law in society in Antigone?

If the laws are broken, the city is broken.

What is J.S. Mills's received opinion?

The received opinion is the predominate opinion or belief of society.

What is the definition of Social protest?

A strong reaction or expression to human actions

What is the citizen involvement in the executive legislative and judicial branch?

their job is to do right and commit to society. To do this they can be an active voter for execuative, run for office or go to jurry duty for judicial, and they can express their opinion as to what they want for legislative.

Where is the Pony Express Preservation Society in Seneca Kansas located?

The address of the Pony Express Preservation Society is: 325 Main, Seneca, KS 66538-1923

What is art man and society?

Its the one that express the emotions

What is your opinion of the Inca society?

its the bom diggadey

Where is the Gothenburg Pony Express Historical Society in Gothenburg Nebraska located?

The address of the Gothenburg Pony Express Historical Society is: Po Box 263, Gothenburg, NE 69138

Is millionaire society a legitimate online business?

In my opinion it is, but other people may have a different opinion.

Is Orwell was worthy to describe charachters as dectators?

George Orwell is a renowned writer who is famous for his literature that depicts that woes and worries of government or society. There is no credential that is need to express ones opinion regarding characters and whether or not they represent dictators.

Do you agree with Walker's opinion that there is power in making and creating?

Yes, creating allows individuals to express themselves, influence others, and shape the world around them. Through making and creating, individuals can build meaning, connections, and impact in society.

How does music relate with the affect with society?

in my opinion, music relates with the affect with society because its catchy.