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There's a big chance you could get struck by lightning. Or hit by a tree that is hit by lightning.

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Why is it important not to stand outside in a lightning storm?

Because lightning can strike and kill you. You are much safer indoors.

How can you stay safe or protect yourself if caught outside in a thunderstorm where lightning is occurring?

I suppose you could stand no where near metal, but I'm not totally sure.

How should you act in a thunderstorm?

stand outside with metal rod holding it as high as you can Yes you should do that if you are majorly suicidal! Are you purposely getting people struck by lightning?

If a lightning strike were to strike a muddy patch of ground how far away could you stand without being hurt?

If lightning hit mud, it probably wouldn't travel that far. If you were not worried about your sight or hearing, it would probably be safe up to 40-50 feet away. I wouldn't recomend staning in mud during a thunderstorm though.

If you are caught outdoors in a thunderstorm why should you not stand under a tree?

You could get hit by lightning or the tree can fall on you from winds or hit by lightning and catch fire.

What do you do in the case of a thunderstorm?

In case of a thunderstorm go inside a shelter. Do not use any water taps, telephones, or computer lines because lightning could have hit these services and you could be struck by the lightning. Don't stand under a tree, lightning is more likely to strike tall things and you could be seriously injured, or killed. If there is no shelter, kneel down and put your ankle next to each other so if the ground next to you was hit the electricity will only pass though your ankles and feet.

Is it Safe to stand under a tree during a thunderstorm?

No. Trees, often being much taller than surrounding structures, will attract lightning strikes. and the tree can get on fire TRUE

Will trees protect you from lightning?

Possibly, because they are taller than you. DO NOT stand under a tree in a thunderstorm, but stay a short distance from a tree and make yourself small - crouch down.

Why is that you should not stand with your legs apart during thunderstorm?

You should not stand with your legs apart in a thunderstorm because placing your legs together minimizes the amount of electric current that will pass through your body. Always stand with your feet together if you can't get out of a thunderstorm.

Why can't you stand under a tree during a thunderstorm?

Electricity (which includes lightning, of course) always takes the path of least resistance, or the shortest path. Since trees are taller, they are closer to the source of the lighting (the sky), and so lighting will almost always strike a tree. The lightning travels through the tree, causing the sap and water to expand very rapidly because it heats up very quickly. The tree isn't able to hold itself together, and the tree will probably explode. This could be very dangerous. (OR) A tree is the highest point in the field, and so is most likely to be struck by lightning. If you're under the tree when it's hit by lightning, you stand a very good chance of (a) being hit by the lightning along with the tree, (b) getting electrocuted by the electric field set up on the ground around the tree, and (c) getting hit by a falling branch (or the tree itself!) after the strike. If you're in a bare field when a thunderstorm starts, the traditional answer is that you're supposed to lie down flat in the field and wait for the thunderstorm to pass. A better answer is to crouch low and GET TO A CAR, FAST! You can't be electrocuted by lighting inside a metal car.

Is there a way to harvest lightning?

Yes...stand outside during an electical storm holding a tall iron rod in the air:)

How come that they say its dangerous to stand under a tree when lightning strikes but you never see lightning strike a tree?

if you are in a field and there is one tree lightening strikes the tallest object around and if you are under that tree you will feel the effects of that strike or part of the tree could break of where lightening hits and fall on you. if your in a field and lighening starts to strike get as low to the ground as you can till you can seek cover

Is it true In a thunderstorm if you can't be indoors the safest place to be is under a large tree?

No, this is not true. It is dangerous to be under a tree in a thunderstorm. Lighting usually strikes tall object such as trees. A person standing under a tree when it is hit by lightning can easily be killed. ***************************************************************** 12br- No!! This is not true at al!! DO NOT EVER STAND UNDER A TREE DURING A STORM. The safest place to be when your outside in bad weather is in a ditch or in an area with no debris that could be flung around.

What are some safety tips for a thunderstorm?

So long as its a thunderstorm and not a tornado, you can really continue on with your normal life, just try to avoid open water, and tall objects if you're outside. In the case that lightning is striking near you surrounding area, get in your car but don't turn it on, don't stand under trees, stay away from telephone lines, and if you don't have a car nearby, get in a crouch position and try to have the least amount of contact with the ground as possible.

Which attracts lightning more wood or metal?

I wanted to answer this question to, I learned some of the basics of what lightning will strike. In this question, metal would be the correct answer, but there is something to learn about the wood part.Remember: Lightning can strike anywhere, and it can strike the same place twice! Lightning strikes on earth about 100 times per second!Wood: No lightning striking wood is unlikely, but here we would be considering tall trees. Taller object are more likely to get struck by lightning metal or wood! Never stand in an open area during a lightning storm, for you may be the tallest object in the area, which means you are likely to get hit!!Metal: Lightning is electricity basically, it is likely to strike metals than wood. So during a lightning storm, tallest object or not, never carry a lightning rod such as a umbrella. A lot of people think a lightning rod is an object, which is possible to make, the term "Lightning Rod" actually is a way to describe an object, if the object is high on length and low on width, like an umbrella, it would be considered a lightning rod. Street lamps and lights are also considered lightning rods, consider them a reference to what a lightning rod is.Those are your basics of lightning.

Is it true that if you stand under a tree when its raining you can get struck by lightening?

If it was raining, lightning is not likely to strike at all. However, if you were in a thunderstorm there is a good chance of the tree being struck; from that, there is a slight possibility that you could get hit by it as well. The above person is right. Here is what I want to put: Of course it is. When the lightning hits the tree, the electricity travels through the whole tree, and when the tree is burned down, then were else does the electricity have to go then to strike you. So no matter how dumb it may sound or how confident you are, NEVER ATTEMPT THIS! (Side affects if you choose to do otherwise may include serious consequences including death.)

Why not allowed not to stand with your legs apart when there are thunder?

In theory, if there was a nearby lightning strike, you could end up with a voltage difference between your feet. And where there's a voltage difference you can get a current flowing. That current would then go through your body, and possibly damage you. In practice, if you're that closes to a strike, I don't think the way you stand is going to make much of a difference.

What can you do to prevent yourself from strike by lightning?

stab a tall metal pole into the ground and stand near it because then the lightning will ark to the largest thing help protect you, thats it for the sarcastic answer and now for the real answer just live with the fact that there is almost no chance of you being struck in the first place

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