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keeping horses is not a bad thing! you can learn alot from them.Horses used to tell how rich you were.They are an Eleglant creature and can be like a best friend if you comunicate with them in the right way.

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Where is a horse kept?

A horse is kept either in a stable or a field. Horse keeping is a complicated thing, so you might want to look into buying a book about horses and keeping them.

Do all horses live in stabels?

No, an increasing number of people have done some research and found that keeping their horses as natural as possible is the best thing for their horses' health and happiness. They are now beginning to go barefoot, and have stopped clipping, blanketing, and they turn their horses out 24/7.

Is pizza bad for horses?

Pizza is not bad for horses, however, there are much cheaper ways of feeding horses.

Is broccoli bad for horses?

Answer: Yes it is bad for horses because it can get stuck in the horses troat and it will choak on it and it might die.IT IS VERY VERY BAD.

Can horses eat bad carrots?

Horses should keep away from Bad Carrots.

Can horses eat twizzlers?

Yes, they can. Keeping sweets like these or jellybeans are a good treat for horses.

Where do the horse live?

Some live in a stall for all or part of the day. However, many people are learning about how bad stalls are for horses and they are keeping their horses out on pasture all day, every day. In a stable; in a box or in a stall, depends.

How do you deal with a boyfriend who keeps secrets?

Sounds like you need to tell him to quit keeping secrets.... That maybe a bad thing...

Fear of horses?

yes, there is such thing as fear of horses.

Can horses be in a pasture with walnut trees?

No, walnuts are bad for horses and can kill them if the horses eat them.

Is the green house effect always a bad thing?

no it isn't. It is important for keeping the earths temperature warm enough for people to live in

What are the names properties for keeping cattles sheepsgoats horses and horses?

We keep livestock on farms, ranches, studs and parks

What are the pieces of a bridle?

You have:The Bit - the thing that goes in the horses mouthHead Piece - the thing that goes behind the horses earsBrow Band - the thing that goes in front of the horses earsCheek Pieces - the things that go down the side of the horses headNose Band - the thing that goes across the horses muzzleThroat Lash - the thing that kind of goes by the horses throatReins - the thing that you steer withHope this helpsx

History on vampire horses?

There are no such thing as vampires, or vampire horses.

Do wild horses get colic?

Yes but not as bad as stable kept horses

What are human horses?

There is no such thing

Is there such thing as a phobia of horses?

Yes, there is such a thing as a phobia of horses.This phobia is called Equinophobia.

Is mulberry bad for horses?

It is bad for your horse it will make it sick.

When does a horse need a banket?

horses dont ever "need" a blanket but they grow more hair if they get cold alot and that is thought of as a bad thing.

What is the triangle thing on a horses' hooves called?

This triangle thing on a horses' hooveis called the frog. When you clean the horses' hooves, you have to be careful of the frog. It's sensitive.

Home remedies for keeping flies off horses?

There are a few home remedies for keeping flies off of a horses skin. One of them is to apply bacon grease to the coat. Another method is to spray them with white vinegar.

What is bad for your horses?

toxic waste

What hay is bad for horses?

Moldy hay is bad for horses, that's why it should always be kept out of the weather and checked before feeding.

What piece of tack can you use to make a horses head higher?

Holding a horses head up high is considered a bad thing to do as it interferes with the horses ability to balance, breath and move. That being said the Bearing rein has been used for hundreds of years to get the 'high headed' look on carriage horses. This piece of equipment is cruel and should not be used on horses.

Do wild horses have som things as horses?

"Wild horses" are just feral horses. Is a feral cat the same thing as a cat? Yuuup

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