Why lita breake up with edge?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Kane took Lita and convinced her to sleep with him, in exchange, Edge would not be beaten to a pulp. This eventually led to the pregnancy angle, the wedding, Kane's turn, and the death of the baby via Snitski's "it wasn't my fault" angle.

nononono lita went out with Matt and Kane kidnapped lita because Kane loved her and lita pretended to love him and evantually Kane forces lita to marry him but she hated him and still loved Matt and Matt proposes to lita and she says yes but matts best friend edge started going out with lita and then Matt finds out he staryts hating edge and falls out with lita so lita starts going out with edge and tehy get married and Kane gets really mad and tortures lita and edge and then like 1 or 2 years later edge and lita break up and edge stays in wwe but lita leaves there is the real thing that happened i should know i watch it ohh and lita becomes pregnant to Kane and pretends to Matt it is his and the baby died because snitsky and Kane where having a match and lita came to ringside and went in the way of the match and Kane walked over to her and was talking to her when snitsky came up behind Kane and smacked Kane over the back with a steelchair and Kane lands on top of lita and she gets rushed to hospital. oh and edge wasnt going out with lita at thepregnancy point so get your facts right

and you ovissley don't know hardly anything about wwe

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Amy Dumas quit Wrestling to continue her music career.

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They were never married it was for storyline only

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Q: Why lita breake up with edge?
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Why lita and edge broke up?

WWE used real life affair between Edge and Lita as a storyline for television. However they were never married on television or off. Only Edge and Lita know why they really broke up in real life.

Did Edge make out with Lita?

yes lita and edge make out.

What month is Lita coming back to break up Edge and Vickie?

Lita is not coming back to WWE at this period. Much less to break up Edge and Vickie

Where can you see footage of edge and lita break up?

on youtube

Did Matt Hardy and Lita really break up or was it all for tv?

Matt Hardy and lita really broke up Matt hardy has a girlfriend and lita is single amy dumas (lita) is seeing edge (adam copeland) in real life as well as on tv. july 31, 2008 Matt is currently single and is Lita. Lita and Edge are no longer dating.Yes, they broke up

Did edge and lita have a baby?

Lita's baby belongs to Matt Hardy, her real life boyfriend. Feb 2009 WRONG!!! Lita was never going to have a baby it was a storyline. Lita has no children, neither does Matt or Edge. Actually lita was pregnant it was Matt's when he found out that the baby died. and it was because of Kane. Matt was very upset with Kane , and did not like Kane for the longest time

Did lita stop wrestling because they broke up?

Lita left WWE/WWF because she broke up with Edge and Edge later that month cost her the Womens Championship against Mickie James. Then the next week on Monday Night Raw, Lita was against Torrie Wilson in an I Quit Match which Lita lost!

Did LITA and Edge really have an affair or was it a stunt?

It was not a stunt they really had an affair that is the reason Matt and Lita broke up in real life.

Did lita ever had it with edge?


Does edge have children with lita?