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Inhaling chemicals can kill you and have many other bad, permanent effects on your body. As for marijuana, it should be avoided because you can be arrested for getting caught with it.

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Q: Why marijuana and inhaling chemicals should be avoided?
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Why should you avoid marijuana?

Because cops can arrest you for using it in some states. However, this may soon change, and then it should only be avoided on personal preference, if you have a cold, etc.To learn more on marijuana, read: Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?

What are the advantages to a chemical fume hood?

Chemical fume hoods are the first protection against exposure to dangerous chemicals that all laboratory users should have. They are the first line of defense against inhaling chemicals.

Can using hair gel contribute to hair loss?

Make sure the you use does not have chemicals, chemicals are not at all good for hair and should always be avoided. So be very choosy for your products.

How can a tobacco and a marijuana pipe be used?

Load pipe with marijuana not tobacco much better for you then on the side should be a carb hold thumb over it while holding flame to marijuana and inhaling. Then release thumb from carb and remove flame however, continue to inhale and that's all you do to get high my man

Does sniffing glue make you high?

Certain glues may contain chemicals which cut off oxygen flow to the brain. These chemicals are toxic and should be avoided as permanent brain damage can occur. This depends on the specific chemicals present in the glue.

How can Ecstasy be enhanced?

Ecstasy is a hallucinogen, and so is marijuana, so, smoking weed while on Ecstasy will enhance the high. Alcohol should be avoided, as it will kill the Ecstasy high.

How do you stop throwing up after breathing bleach and ammonia?

You should seek medical attention immediately! Mixing those two chemicals together is fatal. I Know someone who died from inhaling the two of those chemicals mixed together while cleaning her house.

What Social interactions should be avoided in the workplace?

All should be avoided except talking.

Why is marijuana should be avoided?

because it harms your body and makes you high which can makes you harm others by a mistake...therefore in order to avoid all this mess its illegal in most of the world...

Reasons why you should not smoke?

The biggest reason is that you'll get lung and/or mouth cancer from inhaling the smoke. But cigarettes also have a bunch of nasty chemicals like ammonia (a cleaning product) and rocket fuel.

Is industrial cleaning dangerous to the person cleaning?

Industrial cleaning has the potential to be dangerous but only if done improperly. There is protective gear that should be worn, including masks to prevent inhaling dangerous chemicals.

Can chemicals hurt you?

yes chemicals can hurt us but only some which are highly injurious such as acids. to prevent us from getting hurt we should wear the proper clothing which should be used in a laboratory.and moreover many problem occurs due to inhaling of toxic gases thus its better to wear a mask in a laboratory.

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