Why men have beards and women do not have?

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Evolution and selective pressure. In this case, it was most likely that men found women without less hair to be more attractive, while it wasn't as big of a deal for men. It may also have been that less hair was more cleanly, so they were less likely to die of disease before having children.

Since more women with little hair are mated with, they have more kids and the genes for less hair are passed on. Over generations and generations, the population of women with little hair dominates.
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Why don't women have beards?

Answer . Some do. Hair growth on the face is a "secondary sexual characteristic" and is controlled by hormones. Women with hormonal imbalances can have significant facial hair growth, even requiring daily shaving.. Because if they did have beards they would look crap.. Whhhooooo Because it woul ( Full Answer )

Why do men have beards?

men are able to grow beards due to a hormone released at the base of the man's penis. this hormone stimulates hair follicles in the facial area and enables a beard to grow.

Should women start pimping out men as men do with women?

You need to do some historical, cultural and sociological research. There is not a comparable market for selling men. Men have always sexually exploited women because they have all the power and authority to do so. In many countries, women are still considered property. In many countries, the police ( Full Answer )

Do women like beards?

yes! they love them and find them very sexy. if you have one they might wanna have sex with u caus it turns them on ALOT, so get ready to have a bunch of SEX!!!!!:)

Why don't all men grow beards?

Its just a matter of choice. Some men like to grow beards, while others do not. Well if we all had beards you wouldn't be able to tell us appart.

Why women don't have beard?

Too little testosterone and the higher level of estrogen. As a woman reaches and passes through menopause, estrogen levels decrease and that's why one may see older women with small amounts of facial hair.

Why do Amish men have beards?

Even they don't know.. Only married Amish men have beards, but no moustaches. Beards are considered a symbol of age and wisdom.

Why do Sikh men grow a beard?

1. In Sikhism, it is forbidden to trim hair from any part of the body (including Beard). It was an order of the Sikh's Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh to follow the 5K's(5 Mandatory Rules), and untrimmed Hair & Beard is one those. Moreover, Sikhs believe in Physical & Spiritual Purity.\n \n\n2. Sik ( Full Answer )

Why do all the Sikhism gurus are men and have beards?

Why do Western Sikh women wear turbans, when most Indian women do not? Thus, all hair is maintained, uncut, and untrimmed and if necessary die in support of, the Teachings of the Sikh Gurus and the Siri Guru To put it simply, men have a beard to give a protective energy field around the face, women ( Full Answer )

Why do women not grow beards?

Things like facial hair growth are the responsability of the sex hormon testostorone. Women will have trace amounts of this chemcial but they do not produce the same levels that men have so they do not produce facial and body hair like men do.

What are the qualities that men look in a women What men look in a women?

What Kind of Woman Do Men Want? . That depends upon the man. Some men want strong woman, if their mother was domineering, others want weak woman if they want to control the world. So your appeal depends on what a man is looking for in a woman.. Yes, of course, sexual appeal plays a major role. B ( Full Answer )

Can Filipino men grow full beards?

Yes. I'm full blooded pinoy born and raised in the Phil. and I sport a full beard. I noticed, however, that most pinoys are unable to grow full beards though I've seen several prominent showbiz pinoys as well as some of my friends who are also 100% pinoys who have "spotty beards." These are the type ( Full Answer )

What did men and women did?

All depends on who they are and what they did. I am not sure what either one did because the question is a bit vague.

Do men and women prefer the company of women?

No, not all. Many women prefer the company of men and many men feel the same. Some is for sexist reasons, and stereotypical thinking that a woman wouldn't be great company because of frivolities on her mind, while others feel so because they like what conversations the men they hang around hold.

Can women grow beards?

Yes, women can grow beards. Some women grow beards after they havewent through menopause. There are facial creams to help eliminatefacial hair on women.

Why do Muslim men have beards?

Some Muslims believe that it is compulsory to have a beard. Others believe it is only recommended.

Why do men and women sleep with other married men and women?

If were talking about cheating - its about simplicity. Most people stray from their marriage because they still want to be married to their spouse. Cheating is just getting sexual of emotional gratification 'on the side'. Sensible people dont want to get too emotionally attached to a single person b ( Full Answer )

Do bearded men shampoo their beards?

Well technically it is hair, so yeah I do suppose that they would shampoo their beard... it has to get clean some how.. doesn't it?

Why do men in Gloucester Massachusetts grow beards?

They grow beards to keep warm in the harsh, cold winters. Some use their beards as "flavor-savers". Others grow them to cover up their hair-lips, or scars from bear-attacks.

Why do Jewish men have beards?

Leviticus 19:27 - "You shall not round off the side-growth of yourheads nor destroy the edges of your beard." Many Jews have voluntarily taken upon themselves a stringentinterpretation of the above verse, according to which the beardisn't shaved, or is trimmed but not shaved completely. As such,man ( Full Answer )

Why are girlfriends of gay men called beards?

A beard is something that makes a man look like a man. So if a gayman is closeted, and he has a girlfriend, then that's the thing(supposedly) that makes him look like a "man".

Why do some men have no beard?

nearly all men grow beards naturally. most of those men choose to cut some or all of it off with a razor. left alone, a beard will continue to grow throughout life. Because they are too young Probably, look at how old they are Except that I'm 14 and have a beard growing... Its funny how were argu ( Full Answer )

Why do men abuse women instead of men?

Because they are weak and know the man could better defend themselves and/or beat them up instead! So they choose to beat on a woman who is not as strong in defending herself.

Why do men beat women and why do women beat men?

Some People Have Short Tempures.They Can Control Thereself So That's Sometimes The Best Way For Them,That's The Way It Make Them Feel Better But Its Not O.K For Any Man/Women To There Hands On Each Other In A Way That Will Hurt The Person . Because, people are stupid and they don't know whe ( Full Answer )

Can women have beards?

While women can have mustaches, I'm not sure if they can have beards. If they can, it would only be a result of an unhealthy amount of testosterone in a female body.

Why did men wear a false beard?

They might have thought it was cool back then. They just might have wanted a funky beard. lol

If men and women are equal then why no Women Granthis?

A man or a woman can perform the services of a Granthi in a Gurdwara. There is no gender bar or any kind of discrimination against any person for becoming a Granthi. Sometimes, we do see a woman sitting in the service of the Holy Guru Granth Sahib during the Diwan time. Being a Granthi is a very har ( Full Answer )

Do women grow beards?

Yes, some women tend grow beards on their chins and/or on the side of their faces.

What are the hormones that cause women to grow beards?

When women grow beards it is due to the same hormones that causes men to grow beards, testosterone. Both girls and boys have testosterone in their systems, just like both boys and girls have estrogen in their systems.

Is a beard useful in any way to men?

It keeps their face warm in the winter . It catches crumbs . It cuts down on razor nicks . It hides a double-chin . It can hide a small or weak chin or jawline . It may attract partners . It may attract insects

Does gals like beard men?

Some do, some don't. As a beard wearer for many, many years I can say that there are many women who enjoy the look and feel of beards,

Why do the men wear beards in Islam?

as muslim women have physical hijab (the headscarf), so do the men (keeping of their beards). Hijab is compulsory on both genders, but the individual chooses when he/she wears it. No one can be forced. Hijab is worn in order to please Allah (God), and to guide their modesty and preserve themselves f ( Full Answer )

Are men with beards evil?

Not all of them are my social studies teacher has a beard and he's not evil and his beard is awesome

Why a men have not beard or moustach?

Personal choice ! Many men choose to shave all their facial hair, while others (myself included) choose to have just a moustache, or a beard (or both !)

Why do Indian men grow their mustaches first then their beards?

Assuming this is "men in India growing hair deliberately", then it may be done for cultural or religious reasons. As a generalization on the hair-growth patterns of various ethnic groups, it would have to be due to inherited traits within the general population.

Did all Greek men have beards?

No they didn't. Many ancient Greeks did have beards though (like Plato and Socrates), but a beard was a status symbol. Nice clean up of the untidy answer!

Why do Muslim women cover their head and men grow a beard?

Actually, both Orthodox Jewish and religious Muslim women cover their heads; this is a middle-eastern custom that historically was meant to show both modesty and respect for God (Allah), the One who is above you. Since the hair was regarded as sexual in some cultures, women who wanted to show they w ( Full Answer )

Why don't Jewish men shave their beards?

Many do, and many do not. Among those who don't, some trim their beards and some don't. Those who grow a beard are doing so as a voluntarily stringent interpretation of the Torah's prohibition of shaving the corners of the beard with a razor blade.