Why mercury is used in thermometer for indication?


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Because it is just a standardised and easy way of making thermometers.

You could use any substance, the pricible is the same:

A substance will expand the hotter it gets.

Mercury just expands a lot more than most elements and so is easier to make a thermometer.

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A mercury thermometer is used to measure temperature.

Mercury is used in thermometers. The mercury is the red substance in the thermometer that rises when you put it in your mouth.

A mercury thermometer can go down to -30 deg C

Alcoholic thermometers are more accurate than mercury thermometers

it is used in liquid form as in room temperature the mercury is in liquid

it has high specific heat

because it is never disolve

Mercury is used in clinical thermometers.

Mercury is a pure substance. It is an element.

It could be used to do this - it is capable of doing it. However, Mercury is poisonous and a mercury thermometer is made out of fragile glass. Thus the danger that the thermometer would break releasing mercury into the milk (which would be for a person to drink) means that a mercury thermomiter is not the temperature sensor to use in this instance.

Mercury is no longer used much in thermometers due to the poisonous compounds that it forms. When I grew up, in Chemistry at school and at the doctors there were mercury thermometers and alcohol thermometers.

Because it is safer than mercury.

The wide temperature range at which it is a liquid.

That would depend on what temperature range the thermometer would be used to measure.

I don't know to what extent mercury is still being used, but it makes sense to phase it out: mercury is extremely toxic. If a mercury thermometer breaks, you have to be careful not to breathe the vapors.

mercury is used in a liquid thermometer

to tell old people that have a mercury thermometer what the temperature is

Mercury is the metal in a thermometer.

A clinical thermometer will offer more precise calibrated readings than a mercury thermometer. The range of measurable temperature differs between a clinical and a mercury thermometer with the mercury thermometer having the wider range.

both of them contain mercury and both are used to check temperature.

Clinical thermometer use mercury to measure temperature. Digital thermometer do not use mercury to measure.

The red liquid in a liquid-in-glass thermometer is mineral spirits or ethanol alcohol mixed with red dye. A grey or silver liquid inside the thermometer is mercury. Mercury thermometers are not used anymore due to the dangers associated with mercury.

- Read the temperature over the meniscus (for mercury thermometers)- Avoid the parallaxe error- Respect the depth of immersion thermometer- Don't use thermometers with defects (ex. air bubbles)- Wait a reasonable time the setting of indication for the thermometer

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