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need to replace the intake manifold gasket

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Q: Why might a 1997 Mazda Protege shake while idling?
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Why would a Mazda Protege shake or vibrate strongly when traveling above 60 miles per hour?

did you find out??? I'm having the same problem

Can spark plugs cause car to shake?

Yes, when idling and driving.

Can bad muffler cause car to shake when idling?

A clogged muffler can.

Why does the Mazda 3 shake when stopped and in gear?

Sounds like the engine mounts might be failing and no longer damping engine vibration.

Why would your car shake when you are idling and have the AC on but not when you are driving?

spark plug gap Can also be a vacuum leak.

Why does my car shake when idling at a red light?

There are a few reasons why a car shakes when idling at a red light. Some reasons could be the ignition coil, motor mounts, or spark plug problems.

What would cause your car to shake when idling reversing and driving?

Sounds like a misfire caused by electric supply to plugs.

Why would a car vibrate or shake sometimes while idling and whle driving 65-70mph?

Loose motor mounts.

Why does your 2002 ford escort shake very badly when you are idling?

Need new motor mounts..... That's what was wrong with mine.

Why does a 2001 Honda crv shake when idling and smell like sulfur?

Bad catalytic convertor. Egg smell is a dead giveaway.

What causes the steering wheel to shake back and forth when car is idling?

Your power steering pump and or steering box may be about to give out on you.

What are the reasons 2000 Mazda B3000 pickup would shake violently while idling?

Many things. Mine did that when my spark plugs were misfiring. Check your entire timing system starting with the spark plugs and wires. Get diagnostics done at Autozone and it will tell you immediately. i had a vacumm line off on mine

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