Why might a computer company want to use Linux on its desktop computers?


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-To save money

-To use more reliable OS

-To be independent from Microsoft or other big company.

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Not only can Linux be run on desktop computers, but it can also be run on servers and other types of computers such as tablets and embedded computers. Linux is an open source operating system that is based on Unix, and Unix was first used for computer server applications.

If that company was Apple or Microsoft, using Linux instead would be a bit bad for business.

Linux PreLoaded is a UK website that sells desktop computers. They have decent prices, plus the Linux computers have great ratings already in 2013. They ship from the UK.

Linux is an operating system for the computer. You can purchase computers that already have Linux pre-installed on the computer. Select Dell computers come equipped with Linux.

Windows is better for desktop computers. Linux is better for servers.

When you are using a computer with multiple processors. This is common in servers and workstations, and increasingly common in home desktop computers as well.

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It depends on which off-shoot you wish to follow from the linux kernel - I favour Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) on at least two desktop computers, and Linux Mint 16 (Petra) on another desktop.

Windows, MacOS, and Linux are the most common.

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Probably most you heard about: Ubuntu Linux Mint Fedora OpenSuSe Besides, Linux already is viable for usage on desktop computers, it just lacks games and some specific software.

Because they have applications that won't run on it.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to a Linux computer. Most experts will agree that two of the main advantages to a Linux computer are the lower cost and higher security compared to other computers.

"The linux computer that is the best for your situation is the one that uses Linux. I would recommend going to a place that sells computers, like Best Buy to find out."

Most people do not currently use Linux on their computer at home, so they will be unfamiliar with it. Thus, the employees will need to be taught how to use the new interface and / or software. In a small company, this may be relatively easy, but it will be time-consuming and probably costly to train thousands of employees in a larger company. Also, a few companies may rely on specialized software that has not been ported to Linux, and cannot be run feasibly with Wine.

There are many different websites that distribute a variety Linux operating systems. The most popular place for desktop distributions computers is Ubuntu.

Linux is used for all types of computers, from servers to desktops to cellphones to embedded kiosks. For almost any purpose that you could need a computer with an operating system, you can use Linux.

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For desktop computers, Canonical's Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora are all very strong distributors for the operating system while for laptops, Fuduntu is a well known and good distributor for Linux.

Yes Linux is compatible with most laptop computers but check before you buy.

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A desktop uses the same OS as any other computer, Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Also, I'd recommend Mac OS X if you're getting a new computer. Here's the scoop: if the computer has an  on it, it runs Mac OS. If not, it runs Windows or Linux.

Access to reviews of Desktop Linux can be found at Desktop Linux Reviews and Extreme Tech online on their websites. You can also access reviews in YouTube videos and in popular online and paper magazines such as Linux Magazine.

"The answer to this really depends on the type of computer you are purchasing. Linux can run on any computer, and a lower end computer can be purchased for $299.00. You can spend much more than that however depending on what features you are looking for."

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