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Why might a plant with huge stem system and a tiny root system have difficulty surviving?


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The tiny root system will not be strong enough to hold the plant in strong winds


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well, when a plant can't live well or has difficulty surviving, the seeds it releases will be slightly different from its original form (like getting the ability to suck in more water) . The mutation will go on until the plants have no difficulty surviving. this is called an "adaption".

the root system provides water to the rest of the plant, and the stem system provides energy. If the root system is too large for the stem system to maintain, it will not be able to convert enough light into energy it can use.

It is to allow substances like dissolved mineral salts and water to be taken in and transport around the plant so that the plant is able to produce food ( sucrose and amino acids ), to keep the plant surviving.

Because there are "root hairs" in the roots of the plants, and these root hairs are extinctions of single epidermal cells. When the concentration of water outside the plant is greater than the concentration inside the plant water will enter the root hairs by osmosis. From here the water will pass from cell to cell by osmosis until it reached the xylem tissue. As more water enters the root hairs it increases pressure and water is pushed up. If you have little root hairs only a little water can enter at a time, and if you have big stems then you will need lots of water, it will take longer for the water to reach through out the stem and plant.

The roots of a plant are responsible for the intake of ground water to nourish the plant. If the plant has very little roots but a huge stem system, it will not be able to absorb the water necessary to nourish the plant. Imagine if you would that you have a gallon of water in front of you. The daily temperature has been over 90 Degrees and you're extremely thirsty. You've been told that you can only drink from the gallon if you use a coffee stir'er as a staw. Since the coffee stir'er has a very tiny opening to get water though, it would take you hours and hours to re-hydrate your body. The same holds true with a plants root systems.

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Therapeutic proteins can be produces by finding the gene that encodes the protein of interest and engineering it into a plant genome and placing it under the control of a strong promoter. However, if the protein of interest id very complex and involves a lot of post translational modifications, an animal system would be well suited for making the protein rather than a plant system. Not many researchers use a plant system to create therapeutic protein due to low yield and difficulty in purifying the target protein from the plant material

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