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Why might the cigarette lighter not work in a 2002 Chevy Malibu?


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2011-09-08 14:45:09
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This sound like your lighter fuse is blown. Check the fuse box located below the steering wheel, somewhere above the brake pedal. The cover of the fuse box should guide you to the correct fuse related with the functions of the cigarrete lighter. Replacing the fuse if blown should correct your problem. Also,the lighter is in the same circuit as the horn,turn signals and hazard switch. So if you have a cold solder connection in the hazard switch it will effect the signals( intermittant) horn,and cig. lighter.

i fixed it by changing the fuse under the hood in the black box that looks like it has a battery on it theres a hand screw in the middle just unscrew it and look for which one is the gigar lighter on the diagram

i have a 2004 malibu classic and my car lighter went out also, the easiest way to test it is to take of the cover by the key hole (it pops off), then take off the cover to your radio and carlighter (i would recommend putting the car in neutral so you have more room to remove the cover, and it also pops off) then unplug the car lighter input that plugs into the lighter itself, then check your ground, my ground wires on my malibu have been snipped, or loosened, and you may need to try to make a better ground, just put the black wire on a bare piece of metal and fasten it there (preferredly loosen a skrew that is already there and put the wire on it then tighten it down, but make shure it is metal that is not connected to something else that could be shorted if power went to that metal). also check the power cable, you may need to run a wire from the engine bay to your lighter, i put mine along the body pannels and into the cab of the car and then under the dash into the car lighter.


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You might be pulling too much power through the cigarette lighter. Also the cigarette lighter may grounding out for some reason or another. If the car has an aftermarket stereo, whoever installed it may have miswired it.

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Look under the hood on the driver's side /black box between a/c housing & firewall/unscrew top/ should be small 10amp fuse second in from front second row up from bottom

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place your fingers gently arount the lighter and pull it out with all your might

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It might differ depending on if it's a Malibu "LS" or just a plain Malibu. My plain Malibu requires P215/60R15.

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