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Why might the windshield wipers not work on a 1990 Dodge Caravan?

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I have a 90 Dodge spirit I was having problems with the wipers and found it was just a ground wire so you might want to check to make sure the ground wire is still making good contact by traceing it back from the wiper motor it usally is ran to the firewall somewhere atleast on my car it was

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What might prevent the windshield wipers on a 1999 Dodge Caravan from working?

i believe the 1999 - 2006 have a recall on the wiper motor. see your dealer.

Why might windshield wipers stop working?

your windshield wiper motor might burnt out or a fuse might burnt out

Why did my 2005 dodge caravan windshield wipers stop working?

A couple things could have happened. First check the fuse for the wipers,in the fuse box. Should be on dash on driver side,near the door. Look towards the bottom. The relay might be bad,that box is under the hood. Wiper motor could be bad or the swing arm that moves the wipers could be broke. Do you here the wiper motor at all?

The windshield wipers on a 1991 Nissan sentra do not start what might be the problem?

Windshield wipers not working on a 1995 Nissan sentraTry the panel between the hood and the windshield. that is where the linkage is located. I have had problems where the linkage has broken. and the wiper will not work at all

What might prevent windshield wipers from disengaging?

You might need to tighten them up or get new ones. they might get stuck if dirt or leaves get caught.

Why is your Hyundai tiburon windshield wiper not moving the wipers?

I have the same exact problem , i have a 1998 tiburon and the wipers are not moving.. i think it might be the wiper motor, I will buy one and see if that's the issue

Should i buy a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

Dodge Caravans have poor repair histories; you might do well to consider a different used vehicle.

Why would a axle nut loosen on a 2008 dodge grand caravan?

It might not have been torqued properly.

Where can I find the Blower motor resister for a 1999 dodge grand caravan?

This website might be

Why will a 1993 dodge caravan start sometimes and wont start a other times?

Your 1993 Dodge Caravan might start sometimes and not start other times because of a bad starter or solenoid. You might also have a weak battery or a charging system that is not working correctly. This could also be an issue with the distributor.

Will jeep Cherokee wheels fit on a dodge caravan?

most likely not. but if you have smaller tires on the jeep rims it might work

Your 2003 Saturn windshield wipers do not stop in their normal park position they stop in the middle Is there anything you can do to fix this?

the module is bad on the wipper motor you might have to get the whole moter assy.

Where is the fuse for windshield wiper for 1998 Lincoln Town Car?

I don't know if there is one. If the wipers aren't working, you might have a problem with the multifunction switch, or the wiper motor may be gone.

Why would everything in your car be slow such as windshield wipers after putting in a new battery?

Your alternater might have to be replaced. Chances are your battery was not faulty. Your alternator most likely needs repairing or replacing.

Where is the brake fluid cap on a 2000 caravan?

Under the hood on the driver's side, just above the battery - it just sort of "comes out" from underneath the windshield wipers. The factory cap is yellow, yours might be a different color if it was replaced at some point. This is a screw-on cap, not a large metal or plastic "pop-on" cover like many older cars used.

2008 dodge caravan seat belt chime is there a code to turn off?

The dealer might be able to turn off with their scan tool.

Is there a code to turn off the seat belt chime on a 2008 dodge caravan?

A dealer might be able to turn that off with their scan tool.

How much transmission fluid goes in a 1995 dodge caravan?

Four quarts unless it is a full teardown then you might include the torque converter

Your 94 Dodge Caravan wont let you put gas in tank?

the cobarater might be stoped up or your gas tank could be stoped up

What would cause the check engine light to come on in my 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan?

It might be that your pcv valve is plugged or the egr valve is sticking.

Why do my 1999 Jeep Cherokee windshield wipers keep falling off?

If you mean the windshield wiper blades keep falling off, it means the clips that hold them on have become too loose. Also, next time you replace them, you might want to switch to the kind that tighten with a screw instead of a clip.

Why is brake pedal hard on 1993 dodge caravan?

you might want to check to see if the recall was preformed on it the was a problem with no power assist if it has not been down it will be free

Where is the fuse box located in a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan?

the fuse box might be in front drivers side, under the hood in a black box with a cover.

2003 dodge caravan and you shift the gear shifter and the trans doesnt shift what might be the problem?

Loose hold down clamp or broken shift cable.

How do you get to internal to repair wiper mechanism on a 94 Dodge Caravan?

The linkage can be accessed and diagnosed by removing the trim under them. First you have to remove the windshield wipers and the screws around the perimitrer. You can buy the new plastic grommets in the "HELP" isle at most auto parts stores. When you install them you'll need some channel locks and some dish soap to lube them up. You might want to consider breaking your wrists so you can contort them into such a small space to fix the worst winshield wiper linkage design in the history of automobiles. Good luck.