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If they don't, they will explode of poo. stomach will fill with poo.

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Why do animal excrete waste product?

as u say the waste products i.e. the things which are not needed any more in the body or which are toxic to the body have to eliminate so all living beings including animals excrete waste products

What do cells do with waste products like CO2?

They excrete waste products.

Why animals is living things?

Animals are living thing as they reproduce, make respiration and excrete the waste product.

Do dragonflies excrete?

All living organisms need to excrete waste, as this is one of the characteristics of life. When they are alive, dragonflies excrete waste.

Do chromista excrete waste?

Yes. All living things produce some waste. For chromista waste is excreted through the cell wall.

How body excrete the waste products?

By sweating

How do living and non living things depend on each other in an ecosystem?

Living things need to eat. Living things eat non-living things, and excrete their waste, leaving seeds to grow into new plants and/or trees. That's how they depend on each other. Non-living things depend on living things to eat them so they can reproduce in their excrete.

What else does the body excrete?

There are a number of things that the body will excrete in form of waste products. The main wastes excreted are water, urea and carbon dioxide.

Which animal not have excreation?

All animals excrete, and all plants do, too. It's a necessary way of removing waste products from a living organism. Several do not excrete solid waste, though, if that's what you have in mind.

What is the criteria for living things?

The criteria for living things is actually a quite extensive list. Living things must exchange gas, drink, eat, grow, and excrete waste.

How do jellyfish excrete waste?

Jellyfish excrete from their internal cavity, the coelenteron; some of them also use waste products to feed autotrophic microorganisms, living in mutual symbiosis inside them, in exchange for nutrients like glucose.

What do you excrete?

Waste products your body doesn't need.

What two waste products do the kidneys excrete?


Can rabbits poop?

Yes, rabbits and all other living things need to excrete waste to be alive!

What are five traits that most organisms have?

Living things reproduce, feed, respire, are sensitive to the environment and excrete waste.

What happens to the body if we do not excrete waste products?

If you do not excrete waste products, your body gets poisoned by all the metabolic toxins. This will cause the kidneys, and other organs, to stop functioning. If it continues, you die.

Why don't non-living things excrete?

Non-living implies that it doesn't need to take on food. Therefore, no food means there will be no waste to get rid of. No waste means no excretion is required.

What does lungs excrete?

Lungs excrete Carbon Dioxide, as well as Water and Heat. which are waste products of cell respiration.

Can protozoa produce waste products?

Yes, all living organisms produce waste products. That is one of the things that makes them alive.

Why is it necessary for a human to excrete waste products?

Because if you kept eating without eliminating the waste products, you'd eventually explode.

The six characteristics of living things?

The six characteristics of living things are that they have the capacity to respire, respond to a changing environment, metabolise, reproduce, excrete waste and grow. Although there are few exceptions to this.

How does an insect excrete waste products?

An insect excretes waste products with malpighian tubes. They work by emptying waste into the digestive cavity and converting it to uric acid.

Why is it necessary to excrete waste products?

Excretion is necessary for our body. It is because the toxic substances which are present inside our body and are completely useless should be thrown out from our body otherwise it might be harmful for the body. Toxic substances are generally waste products. So, it is necessary to excrete waste products.

What are 3 waste products of the body?

Three waste products that the body must excrete are carbon dioxide, urea and indigestible food matter.

Do robins poop?

Of course they do! Every living animal has to excrete, their waste.

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