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cause he like's hello kitty and he might collects it

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Has Hello Kitty been married yet?

No Hello Kitty is not married but she does have a boyfriend!

What is hello kitty boyfriend called?

He is called Daniel and he is also a cat, just like hello kitty!

Does hello kitty have a significant other?

Yes,Hello Kitty has a Boyfriend name Dear Daniel.If this is for the CBT for Hello Kitty Online. The others are: IS HELLO KITTY'S LAST NAME "WHITE"?: Yes WAS HELLO KITTY BORN IN TOKYO?: No

Who is Hello Kitty's boyfriend?

Kitty's boyfriend is Dear Daniel, a boy Kitty.

Does Andy sixx like hello kitty?

Well, he doesn't wear any hello kitty clothing or anything. That doesn't mean he doesn't like hello kitty though. But probably not.Usually emo's don't like Hello Kitty.

Why does my boyfriend wear a hello kitty belt?

We can only assume he likes the show, not knowing him personally. It would be easier if you ask him if you want to know why.

Does hello kitty have a boyfriend?

Of course she has a boyfriend since she is so cute! His name is Dear Daneil

What does hello kitty wear for school?

kitty wears a yellow t shirt and red overalls.

What ear does hello kitty wear her bow?

Not many people know, but Hello Kitty is a twin! Hello Kitty wears her bow on the left ear! But her twin sister Mimmy (said Me-me) wears it on the right!!

What does hello kitty mean in America?

Hello means she says hello to every one and Kitty means she is a kitty. Hello kitty.

Is there a hello kitty ds game?

Yes, there are quite a few:Hello Kitty: Big City DreamsHello Kitty and friendsHello Kitty DailyHello Kitty PartyHello Kitty: Birthday AdventuresThere is also a Wii game:Hello Kitty SeasonsAlso Gameboy games:Hello Kitty Cube FrenzyHello Kitty: Happy Party Pals

What language is hello kitty?

Hello Kitty was originally Japanese, and 'Hello Kitty' is the English translation.

What is a Hello Kitty Nohohon?

A Hello Kitty Nohohon is a Hello Kitty statue thing that usally works by sun and moves some part of its body. Hello Kitty Nohohon stands for Hello Kitty Relaxation.

Does hello kitty have a cousin?

no, hello kitty does not have a cousin

Why does hello kitty wear a bow?

To know whos which between her sister mimi.

Where hello kitty leave?

hello kitty doesnt exsist okay! & it's were does hello kitty LIVE get it straight.!

Is Hello Kitty a Chinese person?

Hello Kitty is NOT CHINESE! Hello Kitty is a toy made in Japan not China.

Is the Hello Kitty the devil?

Hello Kitty is most definitely not the devil.

How do you login in hello kitty online?

You would probably go on google and type Hello Kitty online or Hello Kitty or Hello Kitty website or you could type in wwwHelloKitty.com.au/

Does hello kitty is an emo toy?

Kitty is an emo thing. A lot of girls like kitty. It's mainly goths who don't like kitty and wear all black.

Is hello kitty cute?

Yeh hello kitty is the cutest cartoon kitty EVER!!!!!!

Sister of hello kitty?

Hello Kitty has a sister called mimmy Hello Kitty also has a more cat version of her called Charmmy Kitty

Where was hello kitty invented?

hello kitty was invented in Japan.

Is hello kitty a dog?

Hello KITTY suggests that it is a CAT.

Has hello kitty got a brother?

No, Hello Kitty does not have a brother.

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