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It means that your screen is to small. That happened on the desktop in my classroom.

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Q: Why on your laptop does it not show the dock on webkinz?
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Where is the dock in Webkinz?

the dock is from clubpenguin not webkinz

Where is the dock on Webkinz?

Hello webkinz expert, I will be happy to answer. The "dock" is at the bottom of the page if you go to some places such as the Charm Forest it will disapeer. Bye!

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How do you get your dock to load faster on Webkinz?

If you have the latest computer types and things like that there is definetly a chance your computer will make your Webkinz dock load faster. Unfortunatley, there is no cheat or code to make the dock load better or faster.

How do you use a 1000 kinscash coin on Webkinz if its in your dock?

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