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Any surgery that is elective should not be covered by insurance. That is most insurance companies policy. However, many people find a way around their insurance by claiming, either truthfully or falsely, that a particular surgery is medically necessary. These then are the same people who complain about insurance rates. When insurance has to pay out for procedures that are not necessary, it affects everyone because they raise premiums. So, if we want affordably healthcare, we will not lie about medically unnecessary surgery.

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Q: Why or why not should plastic surgery be covered by insurance?
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Should dental cosmetic surgery be covered by insurance?

no because dentists are so busy if cosmetic surgery was covered we would have to wait much longer for urgent treatments

What outpatient surgery is covered by medical insurance?

While many outpatient surgeries are covered by insurance plans, many are not. Candidates for such surgeries should check in advance with their insurance carrier concerning whether their procedures are covered on an outpatient basis.

Where can I find advice on insurance for gastric bypass ?

You should contract your insurance provider and inquire if your policy covers gastric bypass surgery. Not all insurance companies will cover the surgery because it is often considered cosmetic surgery and may not be covered.

Is laser vision surgery intended to correct nearsightedness covered under a private insurance plan?

Usually your health insurance will not cover laser vision surgery. However, you should check with your insurance company, because there may be a few that do cover it.

Should children have plastic surgery?

I think that they should not have plastic surgery unless they have been in an accident and it is necessary.

Does a standard medical insurance cover for laser eye surgery costs?

It depends on what the laser eye surgery is for. If it's an elective surgery for your eye such as Lasik, then most insurances will not cover it. However, if it's a medically recommended surgery such as for cataracts, then it should be covered. You need to look at your insurance's "Master Policy" to make sure.

Should people have plastic surgery or not?

If you want plastic surgery then I say go for it. Just be sure the reasons you are getting it.

What should I know about surgery for spinal stenosis before going in for it?

Be sure you understand the risks as well as the potential side effects of the surgery. Also make sure you understand if it's covered by your insurance or not.

Does Plastic Surgery really make a diffrernce?

Plastic surgery does enlarge the breasts. However, this is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly.

Are you for or against plastic surgery?

Iam for plastic surgery because i think people should be allowed to improve their appearance, or change their appearance.

Are uterine fibroid treatment covered under insurance?

If it is causing you pain or excessive bleeding , yes, it should be.Ask you Doc's insurance person to get any procedure pre-approved . If your doc believes you need surgery[ in-patient or out-patient, he or she should be willing to argue your case with your insurance company.

Are there any Hidden Dangers of Plastic Surgery that you should get from your Plastic Surgeon before scheduling the surgery?

Anytime you have surgery and go under anesthetic there are risks. There have been many documented cases of death in patients only having routine plastic surgery.

Can any one give more information on plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is something YOU should make the decision on!

Is herpes medicine covered by health insurance?

"Depending on your health insurance, you may or may not be covered for herpes medication. If your policy includes prescription drugs, then you should be covered."

Where can one find information on plastic surgery on men?

Information on plastic surgery for men should be found from a doctor. They will be able to advise on surgery, companies and other information to inform a decision.

Are passengers in your car covered by your bodily injury liability insurance?

passengers in my car should be covered since the california car insurance law requirement does not distinguish as to which person is covered by bodily injury liability insurance

Who should I be recommended to for plastic surgery in the city of Phoenix?

There are many possible plastic surgery centers in Phoenix. I recommend you to Dr. Robert Meger, MD Plastic surgeon and Cosmetic surgeon.

Is your PC covered under your homeowners insurance?

It depends on the terms of your insurance, but most are, or should be.

Can anyone perform plastic surgery?

No. The plastic surgeonyou choose should be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or a Society of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons in the country of origin. In addition, the American Board of Plastic Surgery or its equivalent in the country of origin should also certify a top plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic plastic surgeries should be performed in an accredited facility. Here you can have the list of Plastic Surgeons.,Cosmetic/Plastic-Surgery/

Is collision covered by personal injury protection car insurance?

In most cases, personal injury policies are not the same as collision insurance. You should check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered.

Should 12 year old girls get plastic surgery?


Is swimming pool vandalism caused by someone sliting it with a knife covered by insurance?

The damaged pool should be covered by home owners insurance if you had the pool added to the insurance for coverage

Cost of gallbladder surgery in jacksonville Florida?

If you do not have health insurance, you should expect to pay $10,000 to $20,000 for the surgery. If you have insurance, you will just have to pay your co-pay and/or deductible.

What insurance should you buy when renting a car?

mostly you should be covered by the renting agency's insurance for the drivers of their cars. Please check

What is covered in a commercial liability insurance?

Yourself and the cargo you are carrying should be covered under this insurance. It also protects your company from liability in case of an accident or emergency.