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In the old days, the things that held up the curtains were called "legs". So, saying "break a leg" means you want the person to get so many curtain calls that the leg holding up the curtain breaks.

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By law how many hours do you work before getting a break?

3 hours

When do people travel the most?

The wednesday before thanksgiving and spring break

How did Bella thorn get famous?

She has appeared in more than 40 commercials before getting a break in acting.

Why did Justin Bieber have a hair cut?

He had looked so cute with it before but it seemed to be getting in the way. A lot of people hate it but give him a break! He is still the cute pop sensation underneath.

Can you break the law without getting caught?

People do it everyday, we just don't know who does it

How do you seek divorce?

By arguing and not getting along to well. Before people get married they make certain promises. If they break those promises, then that leads to divorce. I would know this because my parents are divorced.

How long can an employee work before getting a break?

In the US the standard working day is 8 hours, 40 hours a week.

Does genital herpes lay dormant before a first outbreak?

For people with a strong immune system, herpes can lie dormant for months or years before you have an initial break out. But most people experience a break out with in 2-30 days of being exposed to herpes.

Are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudggens getting married?

No they are not, they have break up!..but now people seen them together again.

How soon can you get symptoms after getting herpes?

Most people experience symptoms or a break out with in 2-30 days of contracting it.

When can people break their fast during Ramadan?

As soon as it is Maghrib then you have to break your fast. Usually your local masjid or the internet can tell you the exact time to break your fast. Also remember yo have to haste to break fast. BREAK FAST BEFORE YOU READ MAGHRIB

Why wasnt Scott crossfield chosen to be an astronaut?

becuase his mission was to break mach 2, this task was in the sky, he would have to do different training to get to space, they need to break mach 5 before getting to space.

Why do people give chocolate to their teachers before winter break?

As a way of thanking them or a gift at holiday time

Can you break a trust before the age limit?

can you break up a will before reaching the date of birth stated on it?

How long does a teaching assistant have to work before a break?

4 hours before a 20 minute break

Can your hymen break before 2 days of period?

yes your hymen can break before 2 days of period

Can you break your ankle by it getting stuck?


How likely is it to contract herpes from female to male?

Doesn't matter if you're male or female, any one can get herpes from their partner. It depends more on when the person last had a break out. If they didn't have any signs or symptoms of a break out then you're not likely to get it. If they were just getting a break out, or just getting over a break out then you have a higher chance of getting it.

Why do iPads break?

Because people break them

Did joe break up with Taylor because of camila belle?

Yea he did break up with Taylor Swift for Camila Belle, he was cheating on her was a short time, he clams he never has cheated before but him and Camila were seen together getting cozy before the break up, Joe is just a Jerk, Taylor deseves to much better then a guy from a boy band! i <3 taylor!!

Why did Katie price break up with alex break up?

Because they wersn't getting along.

How can you live with genita herpes before is detected?

Herpes isn't life threatening and you could have it for months or years before you find out about it. Some people contract it with out having any break outs or symptoms. The immune system can suppress break outs for long periods of time, even after contracting it. But most people usually experience a break out with in 2-30 days after being exposed to herpes.

Can a glass break before it hits the ground?

It is unlikely that a glass will break before it hits the ground. The glass may experience tiny fractures which will cause it to break upon impact.

Is there a song that can help to people that love each other go back to dating and can stop them from breaking up?

Boy that would be great! But, whatever the issue is, it needs to be talked about and resolved before getting back together. Otherwise, you will certainly break up again.

Does herpes have a dormant period before the first symptoms?

Yes, herpes can lie dormant for a long time before symptoms show up. It can take months or years for some people to show initiial symptoms. But most people usually experience an initial break out with in 2-30 days of being exposed to herpes. If you do think you're getting a break out then you should see a doctor and have them test it for herpes. If you don't have a break out by 30 days chances are you may not have herpes. If you don't get any symptoms then you should wait about 6-8 weeks and have a blood test done.

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