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Why people should buy Halo 3?


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December 15, 2008 12:34PM

People who like the Halo uneverse and enjoy the story will love Halo3 in my opinion Bungi (the creaters of halo 3) have nailed it. First of all the graphics are alot better than the originals and makes gamplay more enjoyable. Second is that bungie has added skulls to collect (a bit like halo 2) but this time if you collect a certain number of them you unlock armour. Third is that the story is excellent and you meet your old friends the flood. Xbox live has an important part in halo3 as you can buy updates and get new maps. You can also get your online ranking up and as you do so you gain more respect from other players in the halo3 live community. The downside of halo3 is that you find your self repeating the levels