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Lonely at the top. People often forget you and fame is fickle.

Swindlers often target vulnerable people such as the elderly and the lonely.

It helps ugly and lonely people get laid often!!

Monophobia is the fear of being alone. Also, people who get lonely easily or who are lonely a lot of the time often don't like to be alone.

Winds in valleys are often calmer, therefore more reliable.

Pets are spayed to take a responsibility off the owners and make them calmer. It is a lot of work raising a litter of dogs or kittens. Many times, they are often taken bad care of, or killed. Also, it makes dogs a lot calmer. When we got our lab spayed, he got 3 times calmer.

because they are lonely

This song often makes people feel more lonely. It reminds them of the fact that they are actually alone.

Mud, often confused for Elvis.

It depends on the dog. Although calmer breeds do better certain dogs require more maintenance than others no dog should be left alone for more than 24 hours. The dogs with calmer temperaments do better

D:Dangerous ( she is dangerous don't go near her)A: Attack( she does this often)Y: Yuck ( her appearance is not great)L: Lonely ( because she is Dangerous she is lonely)A : Abandoned ( Another reason she is lonely , her group abandoned her when she was young)

Yes, dogs can get very lonely at times and they often howl a lot if they are.

Very often if they are lonely but not at all if they're with someone they really like?

CeLsIuS hAd No BrOtHeRs oR SiStErS ... So He OfTeN FeLt LoNeLy...:( :(

He was often left in school whilst others were able to go home and mix with family. This proved to isolate Scrooge where he tried not to miss people a these time as he was so lonely

Because pets are very therapeutic. They cant judge people, and they make people look forward to their day. Often people under the care of a hospital may feel lonely, pets can make them feel better and give love unconditionally.

spring: people seem to become more lively as winter is fading away and weather is getting warmer with some blooming flowers perhaps summer: people want to enjoy the sun and some prefer to do tanning out in the beach, etc autumn: some people feel lonely (there's a saying that men tend to feel lonely in autumn; not sure if that's true) winter: people wear warm clothes, get excited for snow and christmas, go shopping often for holiday presents, etc

Dogs can often bark at home to let you know that there is unwanted guests on your propriety, or it can be because they are lonely (if you leave them home alone).

Some one who preys on and takes advantage of people. Usually younger, more lonely people. People that don;t get a lot of attention. A preditor will compliment them until they feel amazing, and that's exactly what he/she wants. They will often blow off friends to go see the sexual preditor and fight with friends who are trying to protect them

use to be often but not that often anymore.

People often think Venus is a star

Gallows are used to hang people, to kill them. Often for people believed to be criminals.Gallows are used to hang people, to kill them. Often for people believed to be criminals.Gallows are used to hang people, to kill them. Often for people believed to be criminals.Gallows are used to hang people, to kill them. Often for people believed to be criminals.

Aquarius tends to be a more laid back type of person but i don't think it really matters but they tend to be much calmer. i would say just go ahead and ask her because there is often no way of telling

Steinbeck writes most often of lonely men (and women) who seek companionship as a means to feel less lonely. This is evident in most of his work: Tortilla Flat, Of Mice and Men, East of Eden, The Winter of Our Discontent, Travels with Charley, etc.

This way is not used very often.You could add - by people - at the end but this is not essential.This way is not use very often by people.