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Why pepsi Kona and pepsi AM failed?


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September 22, 2012 12:51AM

Coffee flavored Pepsi. It was an interesting combination and tasted very good. Unfortunately It was test marketed in the eastern US (Philly) rather than the West Coast where the coffee movement was going great guns.

Pepsi AM was too little early, before it's time (1989-1990), to grab market share in the energy drink business.

Pepsi Kona was only test marketed for a short time in a limited area. It failed because they used the wrong test market. It was never a mainstream product. Pepsi used the Philadelphia, PA plant to produce for the local area. This was never shown or distributed beyond there and one other bottling plant in the US. Had it been released at the start of the Energy Drink craze, it would have improved the market share greatly.