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It is because of the heat that evaporates only the pure water and not the salt's from the ocean


Rainwater is not necessarily pure even though it starts out as "distilled" water vapor. Each rain drop starts out by condensing around a bit of dust or pollen, it then absorbs gases from the atmosphere (carbon dioxide for all rain and sulfurous and nitrous oxides for acid rain). Once falling it washes out dust and other particulates suspended in the air (some rains are red from dust they pick up)

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Rain water is the normal water we use the water and purify it to drinking water which is why people say rain water is pure form and drinking water is purified water

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Rain water is not considered today as the purest form of natural water.

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Q: Why rain water is the pure form of water explain?
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Why rain water is pure water name sources of water?

rain water is in the distilled form so we can say that it is pure

What is the purest form of water. Rain water or mineral water?

Mineral water, rain water's acidity has drastically increased over the past couple of decades and is less pure than it used to be.

What is the pure form of water- rainwater or groundwater?

As i fell ground water is the purest form of water. As rain water may consist bad Bacteria but ground water does not as it is purified by the ground.

Write a short note for rain fall in India?

rain water is pure water.we get pure water in the rainfall.we not save the rainfall

Is rainwater is pure form of water or distillted water?

It is based as salt water but then turned into pure water. 1. The ocean water evaporates into water vapor leaving all the salt and other chemicals behind 2.The water vapor turns into clouds 3.The clouds build up in water so much they rain. So yes rain water is pure

Which is pure water rain water or distilled water?

While rain water is usually pure enough for human consumption, distilled water is the more pure of the two, because through the process of distillation, most impurities are left behind.

What is the average pH of pure unpolluted rain?

pure water at a neutral 7.0

Why Rain water not passing voltage?

Pure water, like rain, does not conduct electricity. Some rain, though it may not be not pure water, and may be a little acid, or have dust in it, could conduct electricity a tiny amount.

The purest form of water is?

Rain water is considered the purest form of water

What to do to simulate rainwater on your plants?

The best way to simulate rain water for your plants is to use distilled water. It will provide a pure form of water which is free of chemicals found in tap water.

What is the puriest form of water?

Rain is the purest form of water. It falls on earth as rain droplets.

Ingredients in rain water?

unless contaminated, it is pure H2O