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Searching for the things which are not discovered yet. in research one sentence is always used.

it says "To move back the Frontier of Science" Front is a place where two different communities or people of different thoughts fight.

in this phrase the word frontier is used for two things One is knowledge and other is things to be discoverd.

so when u move back the frontier that means u r advancing the science.

Finding the answers of this question on the internet is nothing but the advancement in science.

it is only because of this advancement u can put question to all using the internet and getting answers from me............. but in research "NEVER REINVENT THE WHEEL"

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Learning is a complex process. Precisely what takes place in the course work varies from situation to individual. Therefore tutors cannot assume that students learn what they teach is all they need to know towards their course work. There is always a need to continue research, develop, notice and understand the processes that are actually taking place in the field of their study to improve education standards.

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Research of all kinds is important to humankind because it enables us to make life better both for ourselves and our planet. It enables us to find treatments and cures for diseases, to understand how our own planet and also the Universe as a whole works, to safeguard the resources that we depend upon for survival from disappearing or being accidentally used up, to stop further damage being done to the Earth that we have unwittingly been responsible for in the past, and to help find ways of protecting endangered species of animals and plants. It also enables the developing and needy parts of the world to find ways of looking after their people, and research in the archaeological fields , as well as in the humanities, provide us with a richer and fuller understanding of how human history has shaped the world, and to further enrich us spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. Psychological research helps to develop a better understanding of how the human mind works, and to help people with mental health disorders get better.

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Because psychology is a science--therefore it isn't just a common sense! Research is the only way to verify a theory, isn't it?

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Q: Why research important in your course?
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