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Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of Almighty Allah, there will no more prophet going to come to this earth with new message. so, its the duty of Muslim to believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of Allah.

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Muslims follow the prophet Muhhamad, from the Quran.

Yes, every Muslim follow prophet Mohammed's (peace be upon him) teachings. Its a must for every Muslim to follow him. Mohammed(peace be upon him) was a prophet ,and the basic of Islam is to proclaim '' there is no one worthy of worship but Allah alone and prophet Mohammed is His slave and messenger.

They follow Islam religion teachings according to Quram (Muslims holy book) and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Sunnah (Prophet sayings and practices).

Muslims follow the teachings of Qur'an God holy book and the teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Refer to questions below for more information.

Because he was chosen by God to be a Prophet, the last and final Prophet, and the Holy Quran was revealed to him. Muslims follow the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad

Follow the teachings of the Quran and prophet Muhammad *PBUH) sunnah (sayings and practices).

They follow the guidance given in the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) ________________________________________________________ Muslims of any country follow the customs and traditions of this country on conditions not violating Islam teachings per Quran and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Sunnah (that is his sayings and practices)

The Muslims believe in all the prophets (may peace be upon them all). They, however, follow the teachings of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

Yes and those people are called Muslims. Like me.

They are those who just Muslims by name but they follow neither Quran rules and commands nor prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings.

Yes for sure. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Hadith (sayings) and practices should be followed as part of Islam teachings. Quran (Muslims holy book) instructs Muslims to follow prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings (Hadith and practices).

Muslims are supposed to follow whatever the Prophet p.b.u.h. said to do ir he did.

The Muslims are Muslims only because they believe in the teachings of the last Prophet of Islam (SAW). Following the beliefs of Islam is the litmus test for a Muslim. He is duty bound to follow these beliefs.

Islam follows the teachings of:Quran; Muslims holy book revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), andSunnah of prophet Muhammad (PBUH); all his sayings and practices

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the prophet of Islam religion per Quran God revelation to him through the angel Gabriel (or Jibril). Muslims are required per Quran teachings to follow the prophet sayings, practices, and morals the same way following the Quran teachings.

A Muslim can not be a muslim if they don't believe or follow Islam as Quran and prophet Muhammad teachings are the foundation of one's faith.

to follow Islam teachings p[er Quran and prophet Muhammad Sunnah (sayings and practices)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet of Islam according to the Muslims. They must follow him in all matters of life. They must have firm faith in his teachings. His followers are called Muslims.

It is a month in which the Prophet peace be upon him fasted and all Muslims follow the doings of the Prophet.

Because it was the something which the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did at the time of his Hajj. So as followers of Prophet Muhammad's Tradition, all Muslims who perform Hajj, reinforce their belief in his (pbuh) teachings and follow his traditions which in Muslim world are known as SUNNAH.

Muslims follow Allah( God ). Mohammad is his only prophet according to Islam.

Sunni is the Muslim who believes in the legitimacy of the caliphs that been elected after the death of prophet Muhammad (peace upon him). Sunnis follow also, as all Muslims of all sects, the Quran teachings and prophet Muhammad sayings and practices.

sunni Muslims are Muslims who believe in the sunnah of the prophet meaning the example of the prophet, they follow his teaching of Allah about peace etc. sunni Muslims are one of the main group of Muslims in the world.

He is called to follow Quran, Muslims holy book, guides and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings. refer to related question below.

Yes. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the last Prophet of Islam. All the Muslims must follow him unconditionally.

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