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A person should use the help of Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) when trying to manage debt. You can find services such as debt consolidation, credit counseling and more at the Consumer Credit website.


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If looking for not only the best but also reliable credit counseling, it is wise to look up consumer credit counseling services review. By researching this website, this will give one a better idea on how to proceed on future credit counseling.

Every county has their own credit counseling services that customers can meet with and discuss credit in person. Someone could also check out the vast places online to find a credit counselor.

The purpose of credit counseling is to let a person know ways to reduce their debt. They also counsel people in ways to stay out of debt. A person might need credit counseling if they are about to file for bankruptcy.

There are a number of sites one can visit to get advice on credit counseling. One can find such advice at the 'National Foundation for Credit Counseling' or 'Better Business Bureau' who have a good advice on choosing a credit counseling agent.

"There are a number of online sites that offer this service. Of the sites I found, Advantage Credit Counseling Services is free and puts you in touch with the proper person based on how you answer a few questions."

Information on how to apply for adverse credit loans can be obtained by either speaking with a credit counseling service or with a loan manager at a local bank. These agencies will be able to answer any questions that a person may have on how to apply for these types of loans.

Consumer credit counseling helps consumers to sort out their financial problems and build a brighter future. One of the greatest advantages to this counseling is that, unlike companies that push one service, such as debt consolidation, consumer credit counselors will go over each consumer's individual financial situation and offer the best possible solutions. Consumers can get this counseling either for free or for a nominal fee. The counselors will work with your creditors and you can be assured that your financial picture will get better as you diligently work to pay your debts and rebuild your credit. Best of all, you will not be charged high fees for these services, which is often the case with companies that promise they can help you to get out of debt fast. Suppose you are convinced that filing bankruptcy is the only answer to your financial situation. Consumer credit counselors will go over your situation with you, explain the pros and cons of bankruptcy, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of other solutions. The final decision is up to you, but you will be well-informed as to how to proceed. Counseling sessions can take place in person, over the phone, online, or through the mail, depending on where you live and depending on your preferences for counseling. Another great advantage of credit counseling services is that you will receive a significant education about how credit works, the debt collection process, and what your rights and responsibilities are. In addition, certified counselors can help you to build a workable budget and plan for the future. Consumers who choose a particular debt relief solution without the benefit of credit counseling may regret it later simply because they may not be aware of all of their options. Sometimes, individuals get tired of collection calls and they will agree to the first solution that is presented to them. However, this may not be the best way to solve your financial problems. In order to get a clear picture of all of your options, it is advisable to get consumer credit counseling so that you can make an informed decision.

Founded in 1951, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) continues to grow and provide free credit counseling. NFCC is a non profit organisation that provides free or low cost individualized, confidential counsil crediting in person, by phone or by email

It is possible to get a consumer credit report at the Federal Trade Commission. The credit reports are free and a person can ask a free copy of the credit reports once every 12 months.

The type of credit that is extended when a person uses a credit card is revolving credit. Revolving credit allows the consumer to carry a balance and pay a minimum monthly.

A potential consumer is generally anyone who might buy a product or service. Any person who has access to the service or product and some means of paying for it could be a potential consumer.

What satellite provider or cable TV companies offer service if a person has bad credit?

This person is called a consumer. A consumer wants to buy goods and services to sell them to make money. - anonymous

A credit token is a card, cheque, voucher, coupon, stamp, form, booklet or other document or thing given to a consumer by a person carrying on a consumer credit business, who undertakes that they will provide cash, goods or services to the consumer or will provide payment to a third party to provide cash, goods or services to the consumer. The most common example of this is a credit card.

An agreement in terms of which a person undertakes or promises to satisfy upon demand any obligation of another consumer in terms of a credit facility or credit transaction.

When a person applies for a car loan, mortgage or credit card, the lender determines if lending money to the consumer will be a risk. Credit scores are one way to help credit card companies make the decision to issue credit. To determine if that person should be given a loan or credit card (apex)

A regular consumer agency collect and sell information about the creditworthiness of individuals. A credit reporting agency doesn't make any decisions about whether a specific person should be extended credit or not. Instead, it collects information that it considers relevant to a person's credit habits and history, and uses this information to assign a credit score to indicate how creditworthy a person is.

A consumer reporting agency is an agency that collects information on certain individuals. They then sell this information to possible creditors to help them decide the credit worthiness of the individual (or whether a person should be allowed extended credit).

A consumer Credit Union offers all the usual services of a bank, including deposit accounts, loans, ATM cards and other consumer services. However, a credit union is owned by its members. A person who wants to have a share in his or her banking institution and receive dividends would be likely to choose a credit union over a traditional bank.

A person can apply for a credit card in Canada by inquiring about credit card services which can be gotten around Canada and can be payed for by another credit card service.

Some of the benefits of consumer credit debt consolidation is that once you speak to another person about your situation, the weight can be lifted off your shoulders. Also a second opinion always helps you to understand your situation more.

The two main credit reference companies used to check a person/s credit score are Equifax and Experian. Both of these companies offer a free individual credit reference / report to the consumer.

Depend on who perform the services. 1.if it is do by the business is debt becos he will be paid 4 it and money comes. if the pays other person 4 the service

They could be called a consumer, a patron, a customer, or a client.

One could find a credit report online on various websites. The most recommended sites are 'Consumer', 'Annualcreditreport' and the site 'Creditreport'.

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