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America is a melting-pot. While the first inhabitants were mostly Christian, there is evidence of a few deists and some Jews who lived in the colonies, and even the Christians belonged to various denominations. Because the Founding Fathers had come from England, where there was one Established Church (the Anglicans, who are called Episcopalians in America), they understood that people who are not members of the one officially recognized church could be subject to discrimination or treated as second-class citizens. That is undoubtedly why the Founders enshrined in the First Amendment the fact that there would be NO established religion, nor would people be forced to believe in any one particular faith; and the constitution also stated there would be no religious test to determine one's eligibility for office.

Separation of church and state is important because it protects minority religions as well as non-religious people. It makes sure the government does not give special privileges to one faith and marginalize or punish others. And while America has not always lived up to the ideals in the First Amendment, for the most part, this country has accepted and even embraced religious pluralism. No one religion is allowed to become too powerful; and as much as certain religious groups may lobby congress, our laws are not derived from any one set of religious doctrines: they are derived from the constitution.

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Q: Why should church and state be separate in America?
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What do political parties and other groups think should be done about the issue with women's rights and the church?

That would depend on the religion involved. In the United States of America, the Government has no business interfering with religious dogma, tradition and issues. Politics should not and legally can not be involved with this issue. People within these parties may have an opinion, but legally the parties should not be involved. Separation between church and state was originally setup to prevent politics from being involved with these issues, not to prevent the church from interfering with politics. Thomas Jefferson made the issue very clear by explaining the wall of separation that the state should never tear down. The issue has always been that the government should not get involved with the church.

What is the term for keeping separation of church and state?

I believe that is the term - "Separation of Church and State".

How does the 1 amendment separate church and states?

It doesn't. There is no written reference in the constitution that states anything about the separation of church and state. It is implied and not explicit. Jefferson wrote extensively about it and warned of the dangers of a state religion. The first amendment tells us that we have the right to choose a religion or not have one.

Who wanted separate the church and state?

In France, the leaders of the French Revolution and after them, Napoleon; in Turkey, Kemal Atatürk, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire; in the USA, Thomas Jefferson.

Are you in favor in the separation of chruch and state?

No I am not in favor of separation of church and state

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Did anne Hutchinson believe church and state should be separate?


Anne Hutchinson believed?

That the laws of the church and state should be separate. (NovaNET)

Why should church and state be separated?

According to the forefathers of the United States, church and state should be separated because of the influence of the Church of England on the King and parliament. The founding fathers felt that politics and government should be separate from religion in America, as the country welcomed people of all religions. It would be unfair to people from other religions if one religion (say, Christianity in one of its forms) was the official state religion and the laws of the country were based on principles that residents and citizens may not believe in under their religion of choice. ==new answer== Many become confused and think that to separate church and state is to separate God and people, who are the state. Us. Let us hope that this confusion does not reach to a majority. Rather than think in terms or right and wrong, it will benefit all by thinking rather in terms of what is productive and what is not productive.

The movement to separate church and state during the writing of the new state constitutions was most successful in?

The movement to separate church and state during the writing of the new state constitutions was most successful in Virginia. Virginia was the 10th U.S. state.

What is the meaning of the separate of church and state?

People should have the freedom to pick their own religion and not be forced to be what ever religion is mandated by the government.

Why does the US separate church and state?

To guarantee freedom of and from religion.

What were two things that John Calvin believed?

Calvin believed that the church and state should be separate but the consistory tried moral and religious offenders.

What role did Enlightenment play in the New World?

It served to separate church and state

Do you agree in the separation of the church and state of the Philippines?

The state (or country) should always stay out of the affairs of the church. The church should be free from any restrictions from the state since the head is Christ Himself. This doesn't mean that the church is above the law. The church should obey the law unless the law requires disobedience to God, at which point the church should disobey the law in order to obey God. Any idea of "Separation of Church and State" should be for the church's protection from the state, otherwise the result will be to "kick God out" of the country so to speak and that is never a good thing!

Where do we separate church and state?

The most prominent example today is in schools, but this is also prominent in courtrooms.

Is Canada from the United States?

No, Canada is a separate country from The United State of America.

What is Thomas Jefferson's view of church and state?

The reason he might have thought this is because since America is a nationfounded on freedom people should be free to serve their own church with out any pressure from any source especially from the state that's part of the country that supports it.{my opinion}