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For hygienic reasons.

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Why did girls ware undereare?

Why do girls wear underwear? The question should not be "why do they wear underwear", it should say," the girls should wear underwear for their protection and their integrity.

What should a boy do to wear girls underwear unnoticed?

Wear pants over top of the underwear.

What color underwear should girls wear with white pants?

Why? Dont wear pants at all.

What type of underwear should a teen wear?

A thong :P I love girls that wear thongs......

Should 10 year old boys wear girls underwear?

If they wish.

Man should wear underwear or not?

Yes. You should wear underwear!!

Should you let your son wear girls underwear?

Yes you should, it makes you more attractive.

Do all girls wear underwear?


Why do guys wear girls underwear?

Girl's underwear is generally more comfortable.

Do preteen girls wear underwear under their pjs?

Usually they just wear underwear, not bras. You can wear a bra, but it could be uncomfortable.

Can girls wear boys underwear?

If guys can wear make-up then why not?

Why do girls sometimes wear no underwear?

Some people are more comfortable not wearing underwear.

What underwear do teenagers wear?

boys wear boxersgirls wear panties or thongs

Do Chinese girls wear underwear?

Yes. The overwhelming majority of chinese girls wear granny panties.

What do girls wear under tights?

underwear or nothing

What do girls wear in ice skating?

underwear and a gumshield.

How many percent girls not wear underwear?


Do all teenage girls wear thongs?

no they all wear a variety of underwear

Why do men wear girls underwear?

I am a 14 year old boy and i wear nothing but girls panties except on mornings i have gym and then i wear boxers and change back into panties after everyone has left the locker room. Girls underwear are more comfortable than guys. ALL guys should try it at least once!

Why girls and women like to wear no bra and underwear?

Some girls like to wear no bra and underwear because they like the freedom of not feeling restricted in tight fitting undergarments.

How to get your dad to let you wear girls underwear if your a 12yaer boy?

If you have to or want to then just don't tell him. But I don't recommend a 12 year old to wear girls underwear if you are a boy.

Does a boy need to wear girls underwear if his crouch is getting big?

A boy does not need to wear a girl's underwear if his crouch is getting big because the underwear is not designed for them.

Should men wear underwear at the weekend?

i never wear underwear at the weekend and neither does my freind, were only 8! we do wear underwear at school though.

Why do girls wear pads?

Girls wear pads so the blood don't go through their underwear and ruin them.

What should you do if your son wants to wear girls underwear?

First you will ask him why he wants to? Then ask him if there is anything he wants to tell you .