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because the home goes cold and if you insulate your home there will be heat and warmth in your home

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All newer construction homes are insulated.

For normal wiring (inside homes and businesses), insulated copper is used. For long distance transmission, insulated aluminum is used because it is lighter but still a relatively good conductor.

A vent is non insulated and should be boxed in on the outside of your home. B vent is insulated and can be left exposed,

People in this area live in houses, or apartments. Homes are insulated and have central heating.

Yes, you can in many mobile homes, if it's an approved design and has a double insulated flue pipe.

sure! but I would make sure the water heater is insulated with a good insulated cover (which it should be no matter where it's located)

I can give you several sentences.The house is insulated against lightning strikes.Wear your insulated boots out in the snow.She is insulated by layers of clothing.

Aluminum wires are insulated.

Because you lose heat if they are bare.

Air insulated substation means air acts as the dielectric medium but in case of gas insulated substation SF6 is the dielectric medium. Gas insulated substations are having more advantages than air insulated substations.

The building was insulated and the people inside it was hot.

They can do but so do good homes. We should congratulate and support the good people who survive broken homes.

Outside. Anything you do to the inside will restrict air flow.

yes air cab be insulated if it is inside a house jokes on you

Most are insulated to keep them from grounding out or interference.

yes they are insulated with animal pelt and fur.

Insulated curtains are great for saving energy, but tend to come out of the package with a lot of wrinkles, thanks to their insulated backing. In order to remove the wrinkles, it's a good idea to start with a simple steam treatment, hanging them up in your bathroom while you run a hot shower. Then, while you should never iron the insulated side directly, you can apply an iron to the other fabric side.

In air insulated substation air is used for insulation whether gas insulated substation SF6 gas is used for insulation

YES! Log homes are greatly energy efficient and it's proven. For example, the National Bureau of Standards conducted a test to confirm the energy efficiency of log homes. The test results where: 1. During the three-week, spring heating period, the log building used 46% less heating energy than the insulated wood frame building 2. During the eleven-week, summer cooling, period, the log building used 24% less cooling energy than the insulated wood frame building 3. During the fourteen-week, winter heating period, the log building and the insulated wood frame building used virtually the same amounts of heating

Why not just say "not insulated"? Or you could say "exposed" or "unprotected", etc.

An insulated wire is made of a conductor surrounded by an insulating 'jacket'.

Except for the ground wire they must be insulated.

The best kind of lunch box is an insulated lunch box. You should try it because it is really good.

Heavy gloves keep electricians insulated from any live electrical circuits. The snow wall of the igloo insulated the family from the extreme cold outside. An insulated attic will prevent heat loss in the winter.

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