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judges should have a fair amount of experience so that he would know all jurisdiction and know how to take proper decision , understand how to use the facilities and responsibilities given to him in appropriate manner.

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Q: Why should judges have a fair amount of experience to be eligible for the post?
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The primary job of Missouri's judges is to?

The primary job of the judges is to control the court of law to determine what penalties an offender should get. They can determine the amount of jail time a person may get.

Should the supreme court judges continue to be appointed and have life long positions?

Yes. It prevents a new administration from continually removing and reappointing the judges most aligned with their own views, and provides the judges with enough experience at the highest level to actually do their job.

Should illegal aliens be eligible for driver's licenses?

Illegal aliens should not be eligible for licenses.

Should Federal Judges only interpret existing laws or should they be able to create new laws?

No, federal judges should not be able to create new laws since that's the job of the legislature. Judges should only interpret existing laws instead of trying to write them.

Unlike legislators federal judges should?

be impartial

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Should judges make laws or should it be left to Parliament?

o yes

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Activist judges believes that the courts should?

Activist judges believe that the courts should play a more active role in policy making and be willing to strike down federal laws, whereas judges favoring restraint believe that the courts should defer to the elected branches of government.

Why did Baron Montesquieu think judges should be independent?

The judges would might behave with violence and oppression if it were joined to the executive power.

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