Why should judges have a fair amount of experience to be eligible for the post?

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judges should have a fair amount of experience so that he would know all jurisdiction and know how to take proper decision , understand how to use the facilities and responsibilities given to him in appropriate manner.
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How is an accurate experiment different from a fair experiment?

A fair experiment is fair wheras an accurate experiment is more accurate. LOL Joke. The latter simply means the results are to a higher degree of.... accuracy e.g instead of to 5, the result could be 5.1235 However a fair experiment is a test carried out under fair conditions. If testing more tha ( Full Answer )

What are good experiments for a science fair?

Make a hard egg bounce you need is a big bowl, vinegar, and twothrough three eggs (put in three just in case one is not strongenough to bounce). Pour the vinegar in the big bowl. Next, put thetwo or three eggs in the big bowl with vinegar. Now don't getcurious but leave the eggs in the same spot wit ( Full Answer )

What are good science fair experiments?

It depends on the age level, but generally:\n. \n . Have something the judges can see. If you can actually repeat the experiment (or some part of it) there, great. Otherwise, have graphs, charts, drawings, exhibits... make it visually appealing.\n . It's less interesting to do the same thing judg ( Full Answer )

What questions would science fair judges ask?

When I did my Science Fair project, I was asked how I did the project, How I used my research, and how it applied to real life. If you do your project well and give a good explanation to the judges, it should be a breeze. Here is a good website to help with the judging!! :) http://www.scienceb ( Full Answer )

What are your experiences with the delivery of post-mortem fetuses?

Answer from englishangel -- please credit to her.. I have nothing to add to the above answer as regards the medical/research on the subject, however I do have personal experience from my 12 years as a midwife in Briatain.. I have come across this three times in my career, the first time when I wa ( Full Answer )

What are some cool science fair experiments?

 You could try experimenting how plants react to different substances in their water, you could test which household chemicals clean rust the best, test which compounds are best for warding off moss that grows in pools. hope that helped

What is the amount of postage for a post card?

The current postcard postage as of the new increase in Jan '09 is: First-Class Mail ® Postcards ($0.27 each) Maximum size: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high First-Class Mail ® Large Postcards ($0.42 each) More than: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high

What makes an experiment fair?

To make a science experiment fair you need to do it more than three times so they if there are any anomalies (results that aren't right) you can exclude them...

Why should you wait until you've done a fair amount of research before writing the thesis statement for a research essay?

To make sure you have enough evidence to back up the argument you make in your thesis statement. To allow for the possibility that the data may not support your first instincts about your question. To be sure that your argument is the most convincing conclusion based on the data available to you. ( ( Full Answer )

Are the Judges on 'American Idol' fair?

yeah hi paula abdol is my late cousin and she is the only one that's is not a fale person and why is randy's bottom teeth yellow ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ( Full Answer )

How do you make an experiment a fair test?

Repeat the procedure at least twice, preferably 3 times. Only keep 1 thing in your experiment the same. Change the materials or anything you are using.

In post season baseball how do you become eligible for post season play?

There are three divisions in each the American and National League. Four teams make the playoffs in each league. The winner of each division plays in the postseason, and the team with the best record in ecah league that came in second place wins the Wild card spot in the playoffs.

Do you think Judge Judy is fair?

OPINION: Yes, Judge Judy is remarkably fair, and the beauty of her "court" is that she is not constrained by legal rulings that limit and plague sitting judges from doing or saying what they'd really like to do or say. OPINION: Ditto! Sometimes she seems a little overly harsh to me but I know t ( Full Answer )

How do you set the amount of Tumblr posts on a page?

To change the amount of posts on your Tumblr profile page you simply go to 'customize' from the dashboard, then select 'advanced'. A menu will drop down and you will see a 'post count' option, you can set it to anything from one post to fifteen posts.

What experiment can you do to win the science fair?

In my opinion, the best science fair project that you can do is something that truly interests you. If you do something that you are interested in studying, you are more likely to put more interest and work into. When the judges see how much time and effort you put into the project, it definitely wo ( Full Answer )

How fair was van helmont experiment?

yes, it was partially fair becaues he only proved that 'water' was basic element but soil and air was also an basic element.

Are eligibility for school sports fair?

I think that they are fair, because you go to school to learn. So you should be more concerned about your grades than sports, even though they are fun.

How can you make the experiment a fair test?

You need everything the same except ONE THING. Heres a short form Cows Moo Softly= Change Measure Same. Change on part for e.g. the length of a string. Measure, how long the string got. And same the magnetic car. Do 3-5 times and see your result

What is the highest amount of income eligible for Social Security withholding?

For the year 2010, When you have one employer the amount of FICA (OASDI) Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance) for your social security would stop once your wages with the withheld social security amount reach 106800 and social security amount withheld would be 6621.60. You do NOT have any cap ( Full Answer )

If you were fired for Facebook postings are you eligible for unemployment?

The correct answer is, it depends. While you can definitely be fired, and legitimately within any "at will" state, whether you can collect unemployment depends primarily on policies in effect at the time of your termination. If there was not any policy regarding social networks you can collect unemp ( Full Answer )

Why should teachers be fair to students?

Teachers should be fair to students because when you were a kid didn't you want to be treated fairly? That may be just my opinion, but why would you treat students unfairly when they are our future, which means that you would be passing on a bad tradition.

Do area science fair judges check projects for plagiarism?

Very likely. Science fair judges typically are well-read in the subject area and recognize information stolen from common sources. Using a quote giving credit to its source is a positive point to the judges because it means you did the research. Many judges have been involved with science fairs f ( Full Answer )

What is the percent of Premium Amount that is Eligible for Tax Deduction in India?

You might be thinking, section 80C has an upper limit of 1 lakh. So, any insurance premium paid upto Rs. 1 lakh is eligible for Tax Deductions. Whats the big deal about it? Did you really think that? Unfortunately my friend, its not that simple. The actual premium paid is considered fully for ( Full Answer )

Does the supreme court judge if laws passed by congress are fair?

You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Do you understand? Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand? You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now ( Full Answer )

Are court judges always fair to all races in their verdict?

No, they are human, may have prejudices and sometimes make mistakes. However the court system allows for this and there is a court of appeals to review bad judgements. Put your faith in the system not an individual court.

Where can you post a negative experience about a company?

you can usually rate a company, or give it feedback by going to there website and finding a page that either says contact us ( which you can then call or write a response to there service). or in some cases company websites have a page titled " How did we do?". Both these pages are usually found at ( Full Answer )

How are carrot cake recipes judged at county fairs?

Carrot cakes at county fairs are judged on many things, including texture and taste. To win that first prize that you want, have friends and family test out the cake before you enter one in the fair.

What are so cool science fair experiments?

well you can experiment which type of mentos will make a soda explosian go higher for example you can say what is the effect of the flavor of mentoes on how high the soda explodes.so you can test one strawberry flavored mentos on a boddle of coke and some mint flavored mentos on a bottle of coke

What is a fair test in experiment?

A fair test is, in short, a test with fair conditions. This means that each time the test is repeated, all of the conditions will be the same. That way, there is no advantage/disadvantage to a set of results.

Should a hostess be eligible for a door prize?

No. If the hostess wins the door prize (a "door prize" is a prize given randomly or quasi-randomly for showing up) it can raise the feeling that the selection may not have been entirely random.