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Why should kids wear uniforms?



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School uniforms raise the school image in the community ('posh' looking uniforms imply intelligence, or so they say, and also prevent kids from running wild because they need to take better care of more expensive uniforms).

School uniforms allow shopkeepers (and police) to identify students who should be at school by law. In the case of shopkeepers they may just refuse service to those who don't have permission to be in a shopping centre during school hours, like the shops near my old school did. It kept kids from bludging.

They also prevent kids from escalating the schoolyard harrassment issues by only allowing casual clothes on a few days of the year. If a kid whose parents only bought them cheaper, uglier clothing wore casual clothes every day to school, they would be insulted and rejected much, much worse than with their cheap uniform. Trust me, I speak from experience, and neither situation is desirable.

Remember that word's can't break bones, but they can sure as hell break a person's self-confidence and self-esteem for life. Don't ever let this happen to your kids. Ever.



they shouldn't! i personally believe that kids need 2 wear their on clothes to express their own selves!! just in case ur wonderin who posted this i am a foolish 15 year old girl who doesn't know what she is talkin bout!

ANSWER kids shouldn't wear uniforms because kids hate it and when we buy them uniforms they always get dirty and it's wasting our money because my little sister needs long sleeve shirt and they only sell long sleeve shirts for boys and that's not right, and just because 1 school was breaking the dress code doesn't mean that all the Dothan city schools has to wear uniforms!!!!