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Why should kids wear school uniforms they can't be happy if they wear something somone elss likes and they don't I want no uniforme's and to make clothes they want to

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Q: Should children be allowed to wear uniforms to school?
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What are some good persuasive speech topics for grade 6?

If girls and boys should be in separate schools. Yes or no?Uniforms? Allowed or not allowed?Should allowance be allowed for children? Why or why not?Should locker searches be allowed in schools?If electronics should be allowed in school.

Did ancient Mesopotamian children have school uniforms?

ancient Mesopotamian children did not have school uniforms they actually had not yet invented uniforms in that time

How many teachers think that school uniforms should not be required?

Uniforms should not be required because they are simply uncomfortable, I feel all children around the world should be allowed to wear what they feel comfortable in, and if that's blue jeans and a t-shirt well let them wear it.

Why you should ban school uniforms?

because children cant allow freedom of expression.

Why school uniforms should be abolished?

School uniforms should be abolished because teens and children should be able to express themselves through their clothing. They shouldn't be forced and taught to look like everybody else.

A school has 3715 children If the school store has 3410 uniforms how many more uniforms does the school need?


In your opinion why should school uniforms NOT be allowed?

because students will lose their individuality.

Do Greek children wear school uniforms?


Do Norwegian children wear uniforms to school?


Why should children not wear school uniforms?

Because they are ugly, uncomfortable, expensive, and do not help the children to behave. They just make kids hate school even more.

How does uniforms help?

I dont think uniforms help schools, i think children should beable to wear what they want, just like in France, their is nothing wrong with their school is there...

How can school uniforms benefit academically?

people say that uniforms will improve the academic achievement in school but children will get distracted by trying to make the uniforms look better