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People should eat breakfast because it helps your brain work better and help you get better grades at your school.Also it helps you to get more energy then what you have in your body and by exercising everyday.

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What did you eat in breakfast tell whether right or wrong?

It should be 'what did you eat for breakfast?'

What are the main bases such as corn used in cold breakfast cereal?

Did you mean What are the main foods people eat for breakfast?If you mean that, the answer is:The main food that people eat for breakfast are cornflakes. Did you mean What are the main foods people eat for breakfast?If you mean that, the answer is:The main food that people eat for breakfast are cornflakes.

What you should eat for the breakfast?

You should eat eggs for breakfast because they are a protein source, with some fresh fruit.

What do the Arabic people eat for Breakfast?

Egyptians eat fool (beans) for breakfast.

How many times should a person eat a day?

People should eat 3 times a day-Breakfast,Lunch, and Dinner.

What do people in German eat for breakfast?

in germany people often eat toast or bread buns for breakfast

What do people eat for breakfast the most?

most people have toast or something like that but you should try and have porridge!

Why you should eat candy for breakfast?

I dont think you should You should eat a healthy, protein-full breakfast to keep you going for the whole day.

Is it bad not to eat breakfast?

it is real bad to not eat breakfast. take it from someone who knows it. breakfast is your energy in the morning. you may not be hungry, but you should still eat.

What did mesopotamia people eat for breakfast?

Mesopotamian people did not eat breakfast. Like the Egyptians, they normally had 2 meals a day.

Why do people not eat breakfast?

Most people skip breakfast bcoz they are late for their work....

What do people of Senegal eat for breakfast?

they eat dinosours

What do people eat in Greece for breakfast?

They eat eggs, and green goods for breakfast or they eat fruits and vegetables for breakfast. They drink juice, milk, and coffee in the morning.

How often should should an average person eat in a day?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. most people snack in beetween. But all that's required is breakfast lunch and dinner.

What did people eat for breakfast in 1500?

They ate bread and grits for breakfast.

What should you eat for breakfast or lunch?

Pop-Tarts are good for breakfast OR lunch...

What time do french people eat breakfast?

The French usually eat breakfast around 8'0'clock

What did people in Italy eat for breakfast during the renaissance?

What did they eat for breakfast lunch and dinner durning the reniassance

What do people in Brazil eat for breakfast?

they eat what ever they want to eat

What does eat you for breakfast mean?

The slang term "eat (something) for breakfast" or "eat (people like the person being addressed) for breakfast" is an expression of complete superiority and disdain, obviously hyperbole. Person 1: "I should warn you that I'm an expert in judo." Person 2: "I eat judo experts for breakfast." Person 1: "What if they run into armed terrorists?" Person 2: "Navy Seals eat terrorists for breakfast."

What one meal should you eat?


What types of soup do people eat for breakfast?

I can't think of any. I don't think people eat soup for breakfast. If they do, it's probably not meant for breakfast. Is Grits soup? cuz that's a breakfast food.

What do Hungarian people eat for breakfast?

They eat eggs with paprika on them.

Why should a school have a vending machine?

Some people might not have breakfast, so when they are hungry they can eat and drink.

What do people in Scotland eat for breakfast?

Whatever they have in the larder. The traditional breakfast is porridge.

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