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if father of Nation(India) was not ashamed doing the manual work... though he was such great person... then why should we

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Q: Why should people not be ashamed to do manual labor?
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How were the more physical forms of work viewed by Aryans?

The Aryans felt that labor, specifically manual labor, should be done by "lesser people" whom they deemed to be inferior.

Labor is work?

Manual labour (manual labor in American English) or manual work is physical work done by people, most especially in contrast to that done by machines.

How much pay should i get for manual labor?

At least the minimum.

The original term of descriptive of lower-class people who performed manual labor?

The term "working class" is typically used to describe lower-class people who perform manual labor.

Which is better in relation to a healthy lifestyle modern technology or manual labor?

Manual labor

Which is better in relation to healthy lifestyle modern technology or manual labor?

Manual labor

What are some jobs you should apply for as a teenager?

Food business, shops, and manual labor jobs

What is a sentence using the word manual labor?

There is a certain satisfaction in doing well at manual labor.

When was Labor Relations Reference Manual created?

Labor Relations Reference Manual was created in 1937.

Did the people in Westerbork concentration camp do labor?

Yes they would have the captians do it and when they did manual labor they would starve the child and burn a stamp on there back saying cc on them

Make a sentence with the word manual?

They were forced into doing manual labor.

Which social group did most of the manual labor in ancient Egypt?

The lowest class that included the slaves and farmers did the most manual labor in ancient Egypt.