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Like some forms of skin cancer, testicular cancer tends to spread rapidly and early detection is crucial.

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Why should testicular torsion be treated immediately?

This condition can lead to permanent damage if not treated quickly.

How often should a man check for testicular cancer?

A man should check for testicular cancer once a year. Testicular cancer is most common among males between the age of 15 to 35 so they should check annually for abnormalities.

Should a young male worry about testicular cancer?

While he should not "worry" about testicular cancer, every male from puberty until 40 should give himself testicular exams and report any bumps or lumps to his doctor.

What happens when a testicle swells up?

A Testicle should NEVER swell! If either of yours is swelling, see a Doctor immediately!! It could be Testicular Cancer which can kill you!!

How can you tell if your dog has testicular cancer?

You should take him to a veterinarian. The vet will be able to tell.

Bump on your balls?

This may be a sign of testicular cancer. You should get yourself checked out!

What causes a small lump in testicles?

If it's the back of the testicles, then that's just part of the vas deferens (in which case there should be an identical one on the back of the other testicle), but if it's anywhere else, it could be a sign of testicular cancer and you should see a doctor immediately. If it is cancer, the lump should hurt.

What would cause pain in a left testicle?

Lots of things, from testicular torsion to cancer. Testicular pain is a serious symptom and the man should see a doctor asap for a diagnosis. Early diagnosis is important whether it is torsion or cancer.

Can testicle pain indicate testicular cancer?

As a rule, testicle pain is not usually an indication of testicular cancer because the presence of a tumor is not usually painful. You should regularly do a self examination though to make sure you do not have any lumps.

What should a cancer patient who is having an orchiectomy do if he plans to have children?

Patients who are having an orchiectomy as treatment for testicular cancer should consider banking sperm if they plan to have children following surgery.

What should someone do when they have been diagnosed with cancer?

Individuals diagnosed with cancer should inform their family doctor immediately. The cancer disease when treated early is almost always curable. Once your family doctor has been notified, a process with the nearby hospital or the closest hospital with chemotherapy and cancer treatment equipment will begin the treatment process.

Can you get testicular cancer at 12-13?

Yes. It is more frequent between the ages of 15 - 30, but can be earlier or later.You should perform self-checks regularly. Please see the 'Related Links' below to learn more about how to check for testicular cancer.

Do head lice leave bumps?

Usually no, you should get it treated immediately.

How is allergic reaction to poison ivy and poison oak treated immediately?

The allergic reaction should be treated by immediately washing the area with soap and water. Taking a bath immediately is not recommended as it could spread the reaction.

How often should testicular exam be done?

a testicular exam should be done once a month

What risks can skin cancer do?

Skin cancer should be treated like any other cancer. It can spread throughout the entire body.

What are the main symptoms of lung cancer?

If you are worried that you have lung cancer you should immediately see a professional. If you are not sure, you should access the website www.webmd.org.

What should you do If someone has swine flu symptoms?

take them to a doctor and let them be treated immediately

What dangerous animals live in Kazakhstan?

Scorpions sting not deadly but should be treated immediately.

Is there a cure for testicular cancer?

There is no cure for testicular cancer, however there are treatments that will eliminate the cancerous tissue from your body. The most prevalent way is through surgery, in which the afflicted organs re removed from your body. This has no effect on your hormones if only one testicle is removed. The remaining testicle (should there be any) will take on the burden of the other.

Why do your testicles hurt at night?

Testicular cancer Testicular cancer is cancer that develops in the testicles, a part of the male reproductive system. Epididymitis Inflammation of the epididymis. Testicular torsion In testicular torsion the spermatic cord that provides the blood supply to a testicle is twisted, cutting off the blood supply, often causing orchialgia. prolonged testicular torsion will result in the death of the testicle and surrounding tissues. Mumps A contagious and infectious viral disease causing swelling of the parotid salivary glands in the face, and a risk of sterility in adult males Hydrocele The accumulation of serous fluid in a body sac technically, it depends on what type of pain it is and you should see a doctor

Is it normal for your testicles to hurt at random times?

It is possible you could have testicular cancer. If you get it a lot and you are between 40 and 150 you should consult ur doctor.

How old do you have to be to have a testicular test for cancer?

After puberty going into early twenties prostate exams should be sought with a health care professional once a year.

At what age should males and females begin testicular self exams or breast self exams?

For women: Breast self exams 20-25 or so, men can begin testicular self exams around 15-20 although testicular cancer is very rare and usually not detected through self exams.

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