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Why should you be a Christian?


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March 30, 2012 2:14AM


That is your choice as an individual. Many do choose to be Christians, either because of family tradition, peer pressure or because they really do see evidence of God in nature. In summary, you should be a Christian if you feel that this belief is right for you.


Christianity is a Religion. There is only one valid reason for belonging to any religion - the cultural and religious traditions of that religion are helping you to grow "In Spirit and in Truth" .

If you feel that calling yourself a "Christian" and hanging out with other "Christians" is helping you grow in Spirit, go for it. If you get to the point that you feel you are not growing, or even worse, the religious environment is keeping you from growing, look elsewhere. Spirit will provide.


You do not have to be Christian and the fact that people are pushing their religion on this question is completely rude. Not everyone is Christian and not everyone has to be. Believe in what you want to, you COULD be Christian, but you could be Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Hellenistic, etc. Choose what YOU want to be.