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Why should you conserve wildlife?

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Q: Why should you conserve wildlife?
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How to conserve the wild life for students?

* students should put up posters on to conserve wildlife

What is role of people in wildlife conservation?

ROLE OF PEOPLE*People should know how to conserve wildlife

What are steps taken to conserve wildlife?

CITES is an international organisation that has the aim to conserve wildlife by building sanctuaries parks and plant more and more trees so that it reduces pollution . you can also conserve wildlife by planting trees near your houses and in schools ......... there are festivals of nature like vanmahotsava............ we should celebrate these festivals and conserve our wildlife..

Why conserve wildlife?

There are various reasons that it is important to conserve wildlife. For example, extinction can have a massive effect on the ecosystem.

How do you conserve wildlife?

Conserving wildlife is important to help maintain the wildlife population and the health of Earth. A person can conserve wildlife by not littering, pollution or over hunting animals or their homes.

What do we need to conserve in wildlife?


Why should you conserve the wildlife in Kentucky?

It would disrupt the entire food chain of the entire U.S. if we did not.

Steps to conserve wildlife?

we should not buy animal bones sold in the market for our luxurios purpose

Why did people develop forestry?

To conserve wildlife.

What can you do conserve wildlife?

we can conserve wildlife by opening wildlife sanctuaries,national parks. Some projects were also started like project tiger in order to protect tiger species.

What is the name of the organisation that have been formed to protect and conserve wildlife?

national wildlife federation

What is the role of wildlife sanctuaries?

Wildlife sanctuaries are here to protect and conserve wildlife,witch most of the time is endangered

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