Deforestation and Habitat Loss

Why should you cut down trees?

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Why should Nz native trees should not be cut down?

why shouldn't we cut down native trees

Why should builders cut down trees?

Builders should cut down trees to obtain materials for building. Some people believe that trees should not be cut down however, for environmental purposes.

What should you do if you cut down trees?

You should only cut down trees that are not going to add to the deforestation and habitat loss of the world's many species of plants and animals. Basically, trees that are cut down should be trees that are raised for specific purposes.

Why should you cut trees?

Some trees, not all should be cut down to make things like paper and furniture. A lot of trees should not be cut down to help have clean air, shade, and homes for animals.

Why should trees be cut down?

Trees should not be cut down. See, trees let off oxygen for us to breathe, so we need them to breathe. People cut down trees to build buildings and destroy forests to make space for building places. So it's a bad thing to cut down trees.

Deforestation in India?

Deforestation is where all trees found are cut down or burnt down. Trees should not be cut down as they do a lot for us.

Would it be better to cut the trees down or keep them?

It would be better for them to keep the trees but if the trees are going to affect pipes and etc., then the trees should be cut down

Should you continue to cut down trees?

no never continue to cut trees... i mean trees give us air

Why trees are cut down?

trees are cut down to get paper

Who are the people that cut down trees?

the people that cut down trees are people that get paid to do it. Or people that cut down trees

Should you cut down trees?

Not so many trees should be cut down because it takes away animals habitat's, there homes, were they and there family live. Although some may need to be cut down for resources we use like paper and card that we write on or are made into books, but we should be careful how many trees are being cut down because without trees there will be no oxygen on earth.

Why shouldn't tree's be cut down?

Trees should not be cut down because we lose fresh air.

Facts why people shouldn't cut down trees?

we should stop cutting trees down because we are ruining habitats.

When should pine trees be cut down?

Preferably never.

Should people cut down trees?

It depends on why the tree is cut down. We need wood and paper products. So we need responsible lumber companies that plant new trees to replace those that are cut down.Homeowners need to cut down trees that are diseased or have become safety hazards. Utility companies cut down trees or branches that are in the way of electrical or telephone wires. Trees are cut down when there is construction of new buildings.Many communities have laws about cutting down trees. They require permits to cut down trees and sometimes require new trees to be planted on the same property.

Where are trees being cut down?

trees are being cut down everywhere but the number of trees varies because fires can kill trees and then people have to cut them down.

Should trees in the rainforest be cut down?

no they help us and make are water so they should stay dont cut theam down!

Who cut down the Kauri trees?

nobody cut the trees down they just dug for from underground because if they did cut the trees down there would be no more kauri trees left in the world

How many trees are cut down a year?

23,5673 trees are cut down a year.

How any trees are cut down a day?

There are 2000 trees cut down a day

Can you cut down trees with a halberd in runescape?

No. You can only cut down trees with an ax.

How do beavers cut trees down?

Beavers clearly cut trees down with their teeth.

Where does a tree go when its cut down?

The answer depends on who cut the tree down and why it was cut down. Some trees are cut down for lumber to make wood for furniture or for building. Some trees are cut down to make paper. These are going to a lumber mill or a paper making plant.Some trees are cut down because the homeowner does not like the tree, the tree is diseased, or too close to the house. These trees should not go more than 50 miles away from where they were cut down. This is to prevent disease or insects from destroying more trees.

How many trees get cut down a year?

52,560,000 million trees get cut down a year

How many trees are cut down in a year?

525,600,000 trees are cut down every year!

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