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Why should you do your school work?



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It's the practice that your teacher thinks you need in order to master the subject matter or the process that he or she is responsible for teaching you.

Schoolwork that you turn in is also a way for the teacher to check on each student's progress long before test time. And it's a way of proving that you did your own work, just in case later on someone thinks you didn't.

And some of it is interesting, and some of it is exciting, and some of it is actually fun. Besides, it exposes you to things you might be good at but aren't going to find out about by doing nothing.

Unless you are very rich or stand to inherit a lot of money so you never have to work, your time in school is probably the last time you are going to spend most or all of your time on nothing but yourself. That's what school is. It isn't for your teachers, who already know the subject, and it isn't doing much for your parents. It's all about you, giving you the knowledge that your culture has agreed you need in order to take care of yourself and contribute to society. (Of course, it's also designed to turn out good little citizens and deliver a supply of workers to the workforce.)

After school, you are going to be expected to spend an awful lot of time doing what somebody else wants, for somebody else's profit or benefit, which is what a job is. So if you're smart, you'll get all you can out of school and give yourself the greatest possible number of options for afterward. Use school to open doors, not close them.

The point of everything you study isn't necessarily obvious while you're studying it, and it is not necessarily useful. Usefulness isn't everything. Some of the best things in life aren't useful in any practical sense. Take music, for example. Utility is not the same thing as value. The value of what you learn is not just for your work but for your life.